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I would love your support!  My book, HANNAH & THE DOM NEXT DOOR has been nominated for Erotic Romance of the month on Long & Short Reviews and could use your vote.  Below is the link to the 5 star review and the link for voting.  Check out both as well as the excerpt below of Hannah and Mitch's first meeting.  And thank you for your support!

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HANNAH & THE DOM NEXT DOOR tied for Erotic Romance Book of the Month!  Thank you for your support!

.  Mary’s open garage door afforded him an unobstructed view of a nicely rounded ass bent over the raised hood of the car parked inside.  Walking down the drive, he took note of her calf length, dull brown skirt, short white socks and tennis shoes.  Strange attire for working on a car engine, let alone for early June and a temperature of eighty-five degrees.
Muttering from under the hood greeted him as he strode up behind her and noticed the book, Auto Mechanics for Dummies, opened on the side.  Hair with every shade of brown woven through it lay down her back in a tightly woven braid and as those lush hips shifted in impatience and aggravation, the lengthy plait slid over her side until a greased hand flipped it back irritably.
“Ooooh, gosh darn it!”
Gosh darn it?  Mitch couldn’t help it.  His mouth split into a wide grin at the innocent explicative as he offered neighborly, “Need any help?”
Her head jerked up and smacked against the hood, making her stomp her foot and repeat, “Oh, double gosh darn it!” before turning to face him.
It wasn’t often Mitch was struck dumb by a woman, but looking down at that grease smeared face with loose tendrils of hair clinging damply to her cheek and into wide silvery/blue eyes, he found himself not only taken aback by how young Mary’s niece looked, but by his instant, cock hardening reaction to the arousing contrast between her innocent, fey looks and a full, mouth-watering figure that her loose, drab clothing couldn’t disguise.  Son of a bitch but the woman packed a wallop.  The clothing gave one indication of where the term, ‘Plain People’, came from, but there was nothing plain about those striking eyes or the full, soft lips parted on a startled gasp.  Between that fuckable mouth that inspired lust filled fantasies, those odd colored eyes that dominated her face and the nicely rounded, full breasts her plain white blouse couldn’t hide, Mary’s niece stirred his libido in a way he has missed lately which in turn aroused his interest in a way he hasn’t felt in the past few months.  Unfortunately, he was pretty sure Mary wouldn’t appreciate the thoughts running through his head right now and given the woman frowning up at him was Amish, he reined in both his thoughts and his lust as he held out his hand.
“Mitch Burnett.  I live next door and promised Mary I’d check in on you.”
“Did you also promise her you’d sneak up and give me a heart attack?”  Despite the scare his unexpected presence gave her, Hannah smiled and took his hand before she remembered the grease.  “Oh, I’m sorry!  Let me get you a rag.”
Rubbing his palm down his jean-clad thigh, Mitch replied, “Don’t worry about it.  These jeans are ready for the laundry anyway.  You’re Hannah?”
“Hannah Hershberger, Mary’s niece.  It’s nice of you to come over.”
If she knew what he was thinking, she wouldn’t think he was so nice, Mitch thought as he willed his cock to behave.  Since when did he get a boner from looking at a pretty face and touching a soft hand?  On one hand, his physical response was a welcome change from the past months of relative indifference towards anyone of the opposite sex, but on the other, considering the odds of him getting under that skirt, he wasn’t pleased with his body’s choice to be reawakened to.
Nodding towards the car, he asked, “What seems to be the problem?”  As far as he knew, Mary hadn’t been having any trouble with the Mustang.  The bright yellow sporty convertible fit Mary perfectly but she was flamboyantly open and carefree, not shy about flaunting her gay lover and dressed in brightly colored clothes that fit and showcased her slender figure to its advantage, a far cry from her prim and proper niece whom he could easily picture driving a horse and buggy.
Hannah blew at the few wisps of hair that escaped her braid to avoid smearing her face any worse and sighed in frustration.  “It won’t start.  I turn the key and…nothing.”
“Did you try jumping the battery?  It’s been sitting awhile.”  The blush that stole across her cheeks told him she hadn’t thought of the simplest solution first before diving under the hood.  “Get in and I’ll tell you when to try it.”  Entering the garage, he acted as if it was no big deal and quickly found Mary’s jump box and attached the cables to the battery.  “Okay, turn her on.”  Now why did that simple statement have his cock twitching again?  He was going to have to keep his distance this summer if he couldn’t control his thoughts and his reaction to them any better than this. 
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