Thursday, August 22, 2019

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September 9th is right around the corner, and so is the release of SUBMITING TO TWO DOMS
I hope you'll join me on September 4th at 10:00 am (CDT) for Blushing Books Sizzling Release Party where I'll be celebrating book 5 of Cowboy Doms with lots of games and fun prizes. Contests will run for two days, so plenty of time to participate!


This one is Greg and Devin's story, an mfm erotic romance with a touch of suspense. The hot new cover is done and I've posted another excerpt to go with its reveal - enjoy!

She was sent to them for protection and ended up a responsibility they couldn’t resist.


After Kelsey Hammond is assaulted, her FBI foster parents plead with her to spend a few weeks with their friends in Montana while they investigate the incident. Since she would do anything for them, she grudgingly agrees, wondering how she would pass the time on a ranch in the middle of nowhere without going stir crazy. As soon as she catches sight of her two hosts, Greg Young and Devin Fisher, she decides what better way to take her mind off her troubles than with an affair with one of them.

 Ex-FBI agents, Greg and Devin, vowed never to get personally involved with another woman under their protection after their last case ended in tragedy. When their former boss asks for their help, the two best friends butt heads over how to answer him. Between the insecurity reflected in Kelsey’s blue eyes, the desperation behind her flirtations and discovering her submissive side, both men find themselves succumbing to the petite blonde.

 While Kelsey basks in the dominant attention of both her cowboys, she continues to insist she can’t wait to get back to her life in Philadelphia. It isn’t until the threat against her is verified, the truth comes out about her past and a few disturbing mishaps occur that Greg and Devin step into full protection mode vowing to keep the woman they’d both grown to care for safe. It isn’t until the guys save her life, freeing her to return home that Kelsey realizes home really is where the heart is and hers is in Montana with her two cowboys.

This is book five in the Cowboy Doms series, but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This adult, contemporary, western romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, ménage, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


Kelsey’s backside throbbed and ached, the discomfort contrasting with the damp heat building deep inside her pussy or adding to it. She wasn’t sure which. The urge to cringe and shift away in mortification battled with the need to arch for more. She found Master Devin’s powerful hold on her wrists and legs a comforting embrace against the storm of sensations flooding her system. A sob burst from her throat as he struck in the center of both burning cheeks, and yet she never thought to call a stop to the blistering torment by saying red. His litany of berating words brought tears to her eyes and she knew she deserved the stinging pain. What she couldn’t wrap her mind around was the slow build-up of arousal spreading inside her swelling core. That was just wrong on so many levels she couldn’t count. Wasn’t it?

“When I think about the trouble you could have caused, the precarious position you could have put both yourself and a Dom in with your hedging lies, I want to shake you.” She caught her breath as he raised the leg under her hips, tilting her forward, and landed several swats on the sensitive areas below her buttocks. “Safewords are just that, words to ensure your safety, and not meant to be taken lightly, or,” he smacked her thigh, “lied about knowing.”

Okay, I get it, I screwed up. Kelsey didn’t mind admitting when she was wrong, but that one word kept repeating itself over and over in head, stopping her from showing too much remorse. More, more, more. Considering how much she hurt, she wondered if she’d lost her sanity as well as all control over her body.

“I said I was sorry,” Kelsey reminded him as he tempered the last few slaps. She shuddered on a low groan when he switched to light, titillating caresses over her pulsating flesh, the soothing strokes helping her to relax as she absorbed the myriad of sensations encompassing her entire lower body.

Master Devin squeezed one throbbing cheek, his thumb sneaking between her buttocks to coast back and forth over her anus. She stiffened, the surprising pleasurable tingles of that taboo touch catching her off guard. “It was your bad luck I’m the one who came downstairs first and discovered what you were up to. Master Greg probably would have gone easier on you.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Kelsey jerked at hearing Greg’s disgruntled voice behind her. Picturing his view of her exposed, red butt and the placement of his friend’s thumb brought on a wave of excitement that left her shaken in a whole new way as she thrilled to being the object of both men’s attention. Granted, it was angry notice they were giving her, but she would take what she could get if these rioting sensations were her reward.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The six-book Miami Masters Collection is out! This is a great opportunity for anyone who hasn't read this series or finished all six books. You can now buy the whole set for $4.99, or, if you're a KU subscriber you can download it for no additional cost.



Seven troubled teenage boys from varied backgrounds bond together at a summer camp for juvenile delinquents – a bond that holds them together into adulthood and grows stronger through their shared sexual interests. In this six-book collection, each confirmed bachelor will meet that one woman who completes him, save her from the trouble plaguing her and, by using all their experienced wiles and trips on their specially designed yacht, succumb to their HEA with pleasure.   

Publisher’s Note: This compilation contains all six books of the Miami Masters series. These steamy, contemporary romances include elements of power exchange, as well as ménage.

Excerpt from BOUND and SAVED::

That did it.  Zach slowed the yacht, throttled down until the large vessel decelerated enough he could cut the engine and still enjoy the slow glide on the water as they drifted.  He’d managed to stay seated while Sandie propped herself on the lounge in his direct line of vision, teasing him with shapely legs he pictured wrapped around his back as he pounded between them.  The quick strokes of her pencil made him as curious about her ability as an artist as he admitted to being about the rest of her body under that shirt.  It had taken extreme effort on his part not to give in to that curiosity and he’d been priding himself on his control before she stood and stretched.

Ignoring his command to remain unaffected, his cock hardened into a painful erection pressing against his zipper.  The final straw came when he watched her bend over the rail, just enough to tease him with a glimpse of the sweet, plump undercurve of her soft buttocks.  She’d been pushing him for a lesson, and as he strode across the deck, he decided it was high time he gave her one.

“What are you doing, Sandie?”

She turned, those green eyes conveying that indescribable ache he had no name for.  The one that pulled at him from the moment he’d startled her awake in his room.

“Taking in the awesome view from your…”  She paused, a light of mischief replacing the ache in her eyes and a small smile flirting with the corners of her mouth as she finished with, “boat.”

He narrowed his eyes, accepting the taunt as he strode forward.  “I warned you.”  Grasping her shoulders, he spun her around, placed her hands together back on the rail, and shackled them in place by wrapping his much larger hand over both hers.  Without pausing, he flipped up the shirt and swatted her silk covered ass, the thin, see-through panties providing no cushiony barrier this time. 

Her soft cry resonated across the water along with the slap of the next smack.  “This is what comes when you don’t heed my warnings.”  Two more sharp smacks that bounced her round globes.  “This is just one of my favorite things to torment a woman with.”  Another two, these reddening her sit-spots.  “Sex with me is my way, whatever I demand, whenever I say, wherever I want it.”  He tormented her thighs next, two swift swats on each before caressing his way up to cup one, spank-warm, malleable buttock.     

Bending down, he nipped the soft flesh between her shoulder and neck.  He felt her jump, heard her sudden, indrawn breath and could almost swear the slight breeze teased his nose with the pungent aroma of her arousal.  A lesson, he reminded himself with a swift, brutal pushback of his body’s demands.

“You’ve been parading around out here wearing nothing but a shirt and panties to get my attention, haven’t you?”    

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