Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Preview of BIND ME TO YOU

Welcome to my first participation in WIP IT UP!  Today I'm sharing a snippet from book 2 in the Virginia Blueblood series, BIND ME TO YOU, which has been accepted by Blushing Books.  Each book in this four book series is a stand alone read, and you don't have to read them in order, but if you enjoy this scene, be sure to check out book 1, BLINDSIDED, and see why this series earned a Top Pick review from The Romance Reviews!


Camille Statler would do anything for her sister, Bethany, and her young, blind nephew, Joshua.  When Bethany came to her in tears over a custody threat from her ex and proof the dead-beat dad was a member of a sex club, Camille didn’t hesitate to attend newbie night at The Warehouse to get proof of his unsuitability as a father.  Much to her surprise and dismay, the owner of the club, Master Dec, was the same man she met briefly months earlier and hasn’t been able to forget since.  After the heart-breaking end to her marriage eight years earlier, Camille has had little to no interest in men or sex, but one look from Dec’s grey eyes had her body rousing from its long, celibate state.

Declan Whitmore met Camille just once through friends and his reaction to the stunning redhead was instant lust and attraction.  When he saw her a few months later unexpectedly in his club and had the same reaction, he knew he’d do anything he could to keep her coming back until he worked her out of his system.  

Camille’s first introduction to the world of alternative sex  was a swift and arousing spanking that left her craving more, so much more she soon questioned whether she kept returning to the club to get damaging proof against Bethany’s ex or to see Master Dec again and indulge in another erotic night of decadent pleasure.  The more he subjected her to his will, the harder it became to keep her heart guarded and the true reason she was at his club a secret.

The more he had her, the more he saw her outside of the club, the more Dec wanted Camille.  Her responses to bondage, erotic pain and public play were everything he could hope for in a sub and her caring nature everything he wanted in a woman.  But her constant evasions told him she was hiding something and when the truth comes out, her subterfuge threatened not only their relationship, but his club and its members. 

The following scene starts with Camille restrained at a chain station in Dec's club, The Warehouse, both Dec and Fin there to torment her!  

“Do you know how many erogenous areas there are on a woman’s body other than her nipples and clit?”
Dec’s dark voice whispering in her ear sent a shiver up and down Camille’s spine, or was it the slow trail of calloused fingertips gliding down the sensitive underside of her upraised arms that was responsible?  “N..no, I don’t.  How m…many,” she answered on a released pent up breath, those teasing touches moving to the fleshy side fullness of her breasts, two pairs of lips nibbling with both light and hard nips down her neck.
“How about if we show you.”
Oh God.  The blindfold helped her tune out the low voices surrounding her, enabled her to set aside the disconcerting knowledge others were watching.  Her nipples tightened into painful nubs, jutted out as if begging for a touch from those fingers or mouths.  Unfortunately, her two tormenters were in no hurry to get to her happy places.  Their lips replaced their fingers on the fleshy mounds of her breasts, the erotic bite from Fin, whom she knew was on her left, eliciting a sharp cry from her, the throbbing pain soothed with a stroke of his tongue.  Arousal from that slight ache spiraled south and settled between her legs, making her core throb in tune with that bite.
Please.  She had to bite her lip hard to keep from vocalizing that plea.  A twist of her torso to entice one of them to move their mouth onto her nipple resulted in a sharp slap on her upper thigh and another arousing pulse to add to her escalating lust. 
“Behave, darlin’, or we’ll never get where you want us to go.”
That was easier for Fin to say than for her to do, Camille thought as those diabolical fingers moved to her inner thighs and started a slow, tortuous ascent.  Her feet shuffled apart of their own accord, her hips pushing forward as if they had a mind of their own and she had no control over her body.  She rather liked that her body went after what it wanted on its own.  Like the restraints and the blindfold, it took the choice away from her, freeing her mind to indulge in new sensations and feelings.
A low moan escaped her tight, compressed lips when those tantalizing touches reached the creases between her inner thighs and her labia.  Who would’ve thought that small area could hold so many nerve endings?  The way they worked her body together with such expertise indicated the two of them have done this before, and not just once.  Somehow, she found that thought as titillating as the sharp nip Dec gave her stomach right above the waist of her skirt.  There was something to be said to being the beneficiary of all that experience.
“You’re so soft here,” Dec murmured, stroking that sensitive spot again before covering her next soft groan with his mouth.
Camille lost herself in sensation as they teased and tormented her, clinging to Dec’s decadent mouth as he plundered hers like she wanted him, them, to plunder her empty, aching pussy.  Fingers skimmed her damp folds but didn’t penetrate while another hand slid under her skirt to skip over her clenching buttocks before gliding down her crack.  A barely there touch over her rim moved on too fast for her to assimilate the shocking sensation that could be found there.  Those selfish fingers stroked lower, down over her perineum then up over her slit, missing her clit and eliciting a strangled curse from her.  Shit!”


  1. Hello, BJ and welcome to wipitup. Oh boy did you deliver a dandy of a first excerpt into your work. I really like the premise and plot of this story and must find out more. Thank you so much for participating. I hope you come back with more mouth watering excerpts.
    I can really feel Camille's sensual torture and hope the guys eventually DO give in and satisfy her aching need. ☺

  2. Holy smokes, BJ! First, welcome to WipItUp Wednesday! We're happy to have you. Secondly, holy smokes! Your snippet was HOT!! It sounds like Master Dec knows exactly what he's doing to keep Camille coming back for more.

    1. Thank you! I had fun reading everyone's blogs today-such a nice variety.

  3. I definitely agree with Melody. Scorching hot snippet, BJ. So glad you joined us.

  4. I'm with everyone else - that was one hot snippet! I look forward to reading more :)

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    2. Thank you ladies! I see now my post is a bit long compared to the others. I'll do better next time.

  6. Great scene. Welcome to the group. :)