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Today's snippet for SATURDAY SPANKS is from my new release, BIND ME TO YOU.  A big thank you to Blushing Books for their patience with my endless questions! 


Camille Statler would do anything for her sister and nephew, including going to a sex club with the intention of getting damning evidence to hold against Joshua’s father to stop his custody suit. Despite her plan to concentrate only on her goal, she discovers two things the moment she steps into another world. First, much to her dismay, she finds Declan Whitmore, a man she met a few months earlier is not only a member… he owns The Warehouse. Second, though she's denied her needs for years after the devastating breakup of her marriage, her body turns traitor the moment Master Dec escorts her into the playroom.

Declan can't believe the woman he's been unable to put out of his mind just walked into his club. He has absolutely no problem welcoming her into his club and teaching her to let herself go and find the bliss she so desperately craves. What he isn't pleased about is that while she responds to all he does to her body, she refuses to share what he knows she is hiding from him.

Over the next few weeks, she succumbs to his dominance and responds to his controlling discipline but to his frustration, refuses to reveal anything personal about herself.The more time they spend together in and out of the club, the more Camille and Dec want each other. But soon Dec discovers her deceit and Camille is left to wonder if she waited too long to come clean with him. Can Dec see past her lack of trust to prove that he will be there for her forever? Or, has her fear of repeating the past doomed her to a future lived alone?

This excerpt begins right after Camille commits an infraction her second night in Dec's club, The Warehouse.


The implacable look on his face told Camille he wouldn’t back down and the tingling in her nipples and sheath told her her body wasn’t objecting; but, oh God, she thought looking around at the interested faces watching them, she really didn’t know if she could cope with the sheer humiliation of his demand.  Telling herself she had no choice, not if she wanted to get the evidence she came here for that would help Bethany, she gave him a shaky nod, not trusting her voice.  The approval that lit his eyes, as well as the slight tug on her hand, helped as she slowly lay over his lap then closed her eyes to block out the sight of those standing close enough to watch.

Dec didn’t give her time to second guess her decision, flipping up her skirt and revealing her bare ass.  “Ten swats, Camille,” he said as he caressed her buttocks with soft strokes, finding them as firm yet malleable as he imagined.  “Five for rebuking me and five for not addressing me properly.” 

Camille cried out with the first slap, her first instinctive reaction to squirm away from the next blow and the humiliation.  “No!”  She gasped when she wasn’t fast enough to evade the next swat, her struggle almost landing her on the floor at his feet.


No need to read book one of this series as they are stand alone reads, but in case you missed it, you can get BLINDSIDED here:


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Another round of Saturday Spankings!
Thank you to Blushing Books who have picked up my Virginia Blueblood Series and are starting with the re-release of Book One, Blindsided.  Available for a low introductory rate of just $2.99, this 96,000+ word book has already received numerous 5 star reviews!  Just in time for the new release of Bind Me To You, Book Two in two weeks, you won't want to miss getting your copy soon!


Eve Sawyer had a bright future ahead of her when a tragic accident costs her everything.  Now, twelve years later, desperation for all she has been missing compels her to seek comfort and pleasure in the arms of strangers.  A few hours indulging in anonymous sex with a man named Nate gave her more pleasure than she ever dreamed possible; unfortunately past experiences with men hadn’t given her any hope that night could ever lead to anything more.  After meeting Nate again and succumbing to his erotic coercion to enter into a sex-only affair, she soon discovers all the different ways a man with a creative imagination can give a woman with limitations the exciting, pleasurable adventures she has been craving.
Nate Radcliff never had trouble forgetting a woman once he left her bed until he spent the night having sex with a woman who insisted on keeping her name a secret and her face hidden in the dark.  A few weeks later, a chance encounter has him coming face to face with the woman he has been obsessing about, and with the fact she is blind.  Immediately struck with admiration for the lengths Eve is willing to go to to brighten her dark world, he becomes determined to give her the adventures she craves. 
For weeks Eve basks in the decadent pleasures and adventures both Nate and his friends give her, making sure she keeps her heart guarded from hoping for more, even when Nate insists their sex-only affair has grown into something more for him.  But Nate wasn’t one to give up, especially when he wanted someone as much as he wanted Eve.  Just when his persistence starts to pay off and Eve becomes open to a future with him, her best friend, Holly, returns to town, her jealousy and possessiveness threatening to drive them apart.  Eve refuses to believe anything bad about Holly, the only person who has stayed faithfully by her side through thick and thin, which drives a wedge between her and Nate.  In the end, Eve’s refusal to see her friend’s true motives comes close to not only costing her the man she loves, but to costing her life.
Enjoy this little scene between Nate and Eve when Nate finds her too irresistible to ignore as she fixes their dinner wearing nothing but a sheer apron!

Replacing the lid, she shifted to the side only to feel Nate behind her, his large body warming her bare, exposed backside, his hard, denim covered cock pressed against her ass.  “Mmm, is that an appetizer?”

Nate leaned back, swatting one delectable cheek.  “And possibly dessert if you’re wearing nothing but that apron through dinner.  Bend over.”  He pressed between her shoulders until she was laying over the high stool, her hands grabbing the legs, her ass perched high on tempting display.  “I was right.”  He slapped the opposite cheek then ran his finger over her slit, finding her wet.

“About what?”  Eve moaned when he spanked her several more times in rapid succession, raising a heated burn across her buttocks that fed the lust simmering as hotly as her stew.
“About how wet you are from walking around in nothing but this flimsy, see through apron.” 

Watch for Book Two, BIND ME TO YOU, coming April 22!

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Jane Henry is visiting today with a tantalizing snippet from her new release, COME BACK TO ME.  This erotic romance is sure to please fans who love a strong, dominant man who knows what his woman wants and how to give it to her!  This short scene left me craving more-the first thing I did was add this title to my library-enjoy!

Come Back to Me: Book two in the Bound to You series
By Jane Henry

Publisher:    Blushing Books
Released:     April 7, 2016
Genre:         Contemporary erotic D/s romance

Reunited couple Meredith and Paolo reclaim their passion through the erotic intimacy of Dominance and Submission.

Meredith and Paolo are reunited after a devastating accident drove them apart, in the hopes that embracing a lifestyle of Dominance and Submission will rekindle the passion they once had. The premise is very simple: Meredith will obey Paolo, and he will enforce his expectation of her obedience.

But where do they go from here? Paolo proposes a plan that will raise the stakes, a weekend of intense training that will push them both to the edge of their limits as they embrace their new-found roles.

Is Meredith prepared to be stripped of the protective wall she's built around herself? Will she willingly trust Paolo to lead her—even if that means submitting herself to his discipline? Can Paolo be all that she needs — her leader, protector, and disciplinarian, but most of all...her lover?

This is the second book in Meredith and Paolo's "Bound to You" trilogy, a story of love, trust, and devotion, as one couple rekindles their love through the passionate, erotic intimacy of Dominance and Submission.


She glanced at the clock. It was barely an hour before she normally went to bed and she felt nowhere near ready to go. Her emotions conflicted. She was fighting the urge to push back, claim her own decisions, and ask him why he was pushing. But the novelty of his pushing her to obey was still fresh, and curiosity got the best of her. What would he ask her to do? She stood, and without another word, started to leave. As she reached the threshold, his voice stopped her.
“Come here, baby,” he said, his voice softer now, though there was an edge that made her halt. She swallowed.
Shut it off. Get ready for bed. Come here. It was almost too much, and she felt she needed a few seconds to process. She blinked, focusing herself on obeying him. Taking a deep breath, she made her way over to where Paolo sat. He reached for her hand when she got close to him.
“Much better, bonita,” he murmured. “That pleases me, you know. When you make the choice to be my good girl.”
She felt her stomach melt.
My good girl.
“When I come to our bedroom, I want you in your nightie, no panties. And I want you kneeling by the bed, waiting for me. We have a few things to talk about.” He paused, and his eyes darkened as his voice dropped.
“It's time I gave you more rules.”

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About Jane:

Jane has been writing since her early teens, dabbling in short stories and poetry. When she married and began having children, her pen was laid to rest for several years, until the National Novel Writing Challenge (NaNoWriMo) in 2010 awakened in her the desire to write again. That year, she wrote her first novel, and has been writing ever since. In 2012, she became interested in the d/s lifestyle, and has discovered her love for writing romance with a d/s twist. With a houseful of children, she finds time to write in the early hours of the morning, squirreled away with a laptop, blanket, and cup of hot coffee. Years ago, she heard the wise advice, “Write the book you want to read,” and has taken it to heart. She sincerely hopes you also enjoy the books she likes to read.

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I'm so pleased to host Susannah Shannon today with her new release, RELISH!  She's sharing not one, but several excerpts, each one just enough to make you want more.  Take your time, enjoy, then grab a copy of this tantalizing domestic discipline erotic romance!


Susannah Shannon

March 30, 2016 Book #2 in the Cass Chronicles


Cass Nelson has gotten used to blizzards, wolves and being an outsider in Slicktrench Alaska. While she couldn't be happier in her marriage to Killian, the arrival of a surprise package is a potent reminder that her marriage isn't like the relationships her friends all have. She might not understand this whole being a submissive wife business, but she does understand that she can't imagine living a life without the man she adores even if he lights up her bottom on a regular basis. Busy with helping to run the lodge and posting on her very popular Cass Cooks blog, her life tips upside down with having to deal with Killian's brother who is marrying a woman that nobody likes and an IRS auditor nosing around the lodge. Just when Cass has decided that the best way to insure a happy marriage is to totally give up her own dreams, she is offered her own TV show. Her decision to not share this information with her husband will cause all sorts of different kinds of reverberations. Will wedding bells ring and is that howling coming from the wolves outside or the wife inside when her husband discovers that his precious wife is holding back her own secrets?



1.There was a photo album her mother had sent. Cass’s mother had been a serious scrap booker all of Cass’s life and the digital revolution had hit her hard. She just could not give up her deckle edged scissors, so her children still received fussily decorated scrapbooks several times a year. She set the stack of bills aside and turned her attention to the other package. It had been shipped to a C Nelson c/o a post office box. Cass wasn’t aware of having a PO box. Maybe it just automatically happened when you moved here, she thought. She used a spare key that was deep in the recesses of her bag to slit open the paper tape. Digging through the packing peanuts she spied something that was bright blue. She reached in and to her amazement was pulling a small bright blue paddle out of the box when the passenger door swung open. She stuffed the vividly colored contraband back into the box with such force that she broke though the bottom of the parcel. She had unleashed a torrent of static ridden packing peanuts that suddenly seemed to fill up the jeep. “What’s in the box?” queried her mother in law. Cass tossed the box over her shoulder. It arced, leaking like a rocket shedding jet fuel , into the back seat. Cassandra spat out a packing peanut. As per usual when she was caught off guard she began to babble. ”Mom sent me a scrapbook­ you can’t see it now. I’ll show you later, but I’ll definitely show you later. Nothing to hide.” She cackled like a lunatic of criminal intent. “Or maybe the cake pans were in here. I’m not sure. Something was in there. But it really doesn’t matter. We have to get home right now!” Hazel was deep in her own thoughts and barely seemed to notice the bizarre behavior of her daughter in law. Cass was unsure how she would distract her mother in law long enough to smuggle into the lodge the S&M contraband that she had apparently been too drunk to know she was having delivered to the PO box that she didn’t know that she had. She needn’t have worried. Hazel said, ”Oh, I forgot to put clean towels in cabin 2 I’ll unload the jeep later” and nearly threw herself out of the still moving jeep as soon as they were through the open gates of the lodge. 

2. Closer inspection gave her pause, however. Libby looked positively green, a shade horribly reminiscent of the bridesmaid dress hanging in her closet. Ava had stepped out, and the pizza coven was nowhere to be seen. Cursing the day she was born, Cass helped her to the ladies room. Cass had never seen a floor as disgusting as the ladies room at Sam’s. Not even in bars she’d frequented in college. It was a tight fit in the stall, Cass awkwardly pulled Libby’s hair out of her way, trying her damnedest to stay on her own feet. She was determined not to kneel on the floor, reasonably certain that she would become stuck fast like a fly in the world’s most repulsive flypaper. Between heaves the blonde pharmacist was mumbling to herself. Cass could not make out much of what she was saying although the name “Nelson” clearly a significant part of the conversation. Unexpectedly Libby sat back and looked blearily at Cass. “Has Kilian ever spanked you in his truck?” Cass felt a surge of jealousy. She knew that Killian and Libby had lost their virginity to each other, but she had hoped that at least one thing could be strictly her s. She surrendered to her baser nature. ”No,“ she responded and then continued, ”He has a house now.”

 3..”You being embarrassed doesn't worry me at all. You deserve to be, but no one else has to be freaked out by the punishment you have earned.” he whispered as he led her out the door. She could only swallow hard, and nervously nod in agreement. It was very dark, and the ice colored trees stood up in contrast to the velvet night sky. She didn't think he would make her pull her dress up out in the biting cold. She was prepared to obey him though. She was dying to sort out the details, but now was not the time. They would have it all. Killian was giving it all to her, the excitement of a career and the security of a lifetime commitment with a real man. He led her to cottage eight­ the farthest cottage from the lodge and the one she had first stayed in back when all of this was not even imagined. He’d lit the fire, it was warm. He helped her off with her coat. She was dreading the lecture. She had been entirely in the wrong, and that thought alone brought her nearly to tears. In two steps he had positioned himself on the bed and moved her between his knees. He pulled her over tossed her skirts back. she had read a lot of “punishment journals” where women described the protocol of a formal punishment spanking, This was not that. This was a furious husband’s palm meeting the tender bottom of a wife who had disappointed him deeply. “I brought you out here, because you're going to be crying really, really loudly.” Her legs were already pinned, and he slapped her bottom with blistering force. Over and over and over. “I'm sorry “ she wailed, with no expectation that her admission would shorten her punishment in any way. She said it anyway, because she was sorry, she was truly sorry. Killian was not appeased. He paused for a second and reached past her. “Oh my God,” she thought ­”he has a stockpile of things to paddle me with out here…” He moved a pillow closer to her.  "Go ahead, cry into the pillow as hard as you need to baby.” he resumed spanking her. "I am going to have a wife who doesn't lie to me” There were no words, she gave herself over to heartfelt sobs. she surprised herself by reaching her hand back, not to protect herself but to twine her fingers through his where his hand held her firmly over his lap. She wanted to connect with him in every conceivable way. He paused to remind her , in no uncertain terms, that she would never ever ever consider keeping things from him again. She was too overcome to even talk. She could not even answer him, she let the remorse rollout of her like a wave, carrying her along. He allowed her to cry it out, and she cried long and hard after he was finished. Once she had caught her breath he led her into the bathroom and turned her around. she could see her scorched bottom in the mirror. He ran his fingers possessively along the deeply scarlet plumpest curves. “This is what happens to girls who lie to her husband's” he lifted his hand and delivered a crisp spank. "If you can't remember unless your bottom is on fire then I will do this every day if i have to” he was back in a swatting groove again and she didn't dare move out his way. “I deserve your trust, young lady. I haven't done anything to make you think I would not move to the ends of the earth for you.”  She put her hand on his shoulder. ”Wait." she’d had a thought but it was fleeting and she needed the throb in her ass to abate so that she could mentally connect the dots. He paused. "I hurt your feelings.” she was gobsmacked. He put a finger under her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. "Yes, you hurt my feelings”

4. (G)As always happened when she was on the phone, Jen was having a conversation with Cass and simultaneously with a stubborn little person on her end of the phone line. .”How's life with Mr. Alaska?” Life with Mr. Alaska was very good, she was happy to report. Jens response blasted her eardrums, “I have already said no thirty times! Oh, sorry Cass­ not you.” “What is she trying to do?” “Leap to her death from the kitchen counter.” “why is she on the kitchen counter?” “So I can feed the dogs, ABSOLUTELY NOT,” “What?” “sorry, not you. STAY, that was for the dog. I don't tell Sadie to STAY, well, I could, but I probably wouldn't admit it in public.” “Trying to get a visual here. Who’s on the counter? Sadie or Pup?” “Sadie is on the counter, I’m holding her, of course. Pup is eating and Sadie is hell bent on snatching food out of the jaws of a Saint Bernard .” “So she’s a risk taker, like her Mom.” “Or stupid like her Mom. I have to go babe, gotta drop Sadie off at the sitter and then get to my OB appointment and then to a meeting” “Go, i have a busy day too,” which was a lie and “Love you,” which was not.­Shannon/e/B01BRUE3ZE/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1 

Susannah Shannon 

I live in the American Midwest with my family. I write romances that are funny(well, I try). I love the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man.