Friday, September 13, 2019

Welcome back to SATURDAY SPANKINGS. SUBMITTING TO TWO DOMS is out and it's the perfect time to share a teasing snippet. In this scene, Master Devin is about to show Kelsey what happens when she breaks the rules at their club.

My short snippet:   

“I don’t appreciate your smart-aleck reply any more than my suspicions you lied about your experience in submitting and with the BDSM lifestyle. Even someone who has spent minimal time at a club and is still learning the rules, knows not to talk back, and definitely wouldn’t dare disobey a direct order, as you have. You’ve been here an hour and have one – lied, and two – disobeyed our instructions.” Kelsey’s face flushed as he ticked off her transgressions, but she didn’t try to pull away from him. If he wasn’t mistaken, the gleam in her eyes and the press of her turgid nipples against her top suggested she wasn’t afraid of what he would do. A part of Devin admired her gumption and another part craved to see just how far her bravado would extend.

“Did you even bother to negotiate a safeword with Master Kurt?”

The look of guilt crossing her face stirred his anger anew, especially when she tried hiding it with an evasive answer. “I agreed to the standard word.”

“And that would be?” When she bit her lip and shuffled her bare feet, the force of his ire made him take a deep breath before giving her the answer. “Red, damn it. Yet another infraction you’re going to answer for.”

With a hard yank and no warning, Devin pulled her over his left thigh, lifting his right leg to pin her flailing legs down. Kelsey’s surprise cost her the hold on her blouse, the sides flying open again as she went down. Shackling her wrists together in his left hand, he held her arms pinned against her lower back as he flipped her skirt up and smacked her panty-covered, wriggling ass.



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  1. So glad this one is out. Sounds like it's going to be a hit!

  2. Yeah, Doms are real sticklers for rules, aren't they. I'd have trouble with one, can't imagine how I'd survive with two. Love the snippet though.