Monday, July 15, 2019

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I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. In between enjoying my grandchildren, I've been working hard on book 5 of Cowboy Doms. I always struggle more when writing mfm erotic romances, which is why it takes me so long. Greg and Devin's story, SUBMITTING TO TWO DOMS, is tentatively scheduled for early September, but I've posted a short scene to hold you over until then.

I hope you'll take a few moments to visit my guest post page and check out the new releases by Alyssa Bailey, Libby Campbell and Daryl Devore. 

Kelsey pulled the reins to the right, following Greg down a narrower path for a short distance and then looked around in pleasant surprise as they came to a small copse.  Sporting a bed of moss green ground cover and long logs squared off around a fire pit, she could see the gurgling stream just beyond the trees. “Oh, this is a great spot.”

“We like it for the seclusion.” Devin dismounted and before she could follow suit, he came around and plucked her from the saddle, making no move to step back once her feet were on the ground.
Whether by a silent command or on her own, Cleo deserted her for the company of the two larger males a few feet away, leaving Kelsey standing with Devin’s large hands still holding onto her waist as Greg came up behind her. Her breathing quickened as they both stepped close enough their warm breath wafted along her neck when they bent their heads. She slammed her eyes closed against the rapid stirring of sensation their nearness evoked.
“Uh, not that I’m complaining, but what’s going on?” she whispered, sucking in a gulp of air as two pairs of lips ghosted over the tender skin of her neck, the teasing kisses and nibbles bringing about a spate of goosebumps.
“You’ve been very clear about wanting what we can give you. You saw enough last night to know what we’re into, and what we expect in return while satisfying more of your curiosity. All that’s left is for you to agree.” Greg nipped her earlobe hard enough for the pleasure-producing sting to pull her nipples into taut buds.
Kelsey’s eyes flew open and she gazed in surprise at Devin’s sun-weathered face and dark eyes, her voice stuttering along with her heart. “But, you don’t even like me!”
“You’re a pesky handful,” he stated, fisting one hand in her hair and pulling her head back. “But I like you just fine.”
Not exactly a compliment, she thought as his hot mouth covered hers, but she’d take it if it meant putting an end to the rioting sensations plaguing her nonstop. He eased up on his mouth to sink his teeth into her lower lip, her gasp giving him an opening to delve past her lips with his tongue. Kelsey leaned against his hard frame on a moan of eager surrender, his hands tightening on her hair and hip as her insides heated with each stroke over her tongue. The leisurely exploration along with the smooth glide of their damp lips pressing together got her fired up on all cylinders until the press of Greg’s body against her back reminded her of the one word she hadn’t acknowledged or addressed with them. We.
“Does this mean yes, little bit?” Greg whispered in her ear before dipping his tongue inside to tease the sensitive dips and canals.
Shivers racked Kelsey’s body as she pulled her mouth from Devin’s to answer.  “I can’t think. What do you mean by ‘we’?”
Devin slid his hand from her hip to grip one butt cheek while Greg reached in front of her to palm her right breast as he replied, “Just this, both of us most of the time, separate on occasion. Trust us, we know what we’re doing.”
“Here’s a hint, cowboy,” she said, quivering inside as she imagined more of these heady feelings from being sandwiched between the two. “Mentioning your past experience is a mood killer.”
“But if we didn’t have experience, we wouldn’t be good at our job as Doms.” Devin squeezed her buttock. “Yes or know, baby.”
She’d always hated it when other guys called her baby, but every time she heard the generic pet name resonating in Devin’s deep, slow drawl, she wanted to melt in a puddle at his feet. “Yes,” she agreed in a breathless rush. She might be unsure about taking on both at the same time, but she was also glad she didn’t have to choose one. “But don’t blame me if you’re disappointed. Unlike you, this is new to me and I was pushing to enlist just one of you to entertain me while I’m here, not both.” She felt it only fair to warn them of her inexperience in this area, but damn, it was hard to think with them so close and touching her.
“We haven’t disappointed anyone or been disappointed by a newbie before, but why don’t we give you an example of what we can do together?” Greg released her breast to pinch her chin and turn her face up to his descending mouth. Devin tugged on her hair again, angling her head just right. Between their dual grips, Kelsey had no choice but to open to Greg and bask in that loss of control.
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