Monday, July 16, 2018

Summer just got hotter with the release of HIS TO MASTER AND OWN, book 5 of the Miami Masters series, and the pre-order release of the new MASTERS OF THE CASTLE boxset with my story, CONTROLLING CARLIE.  It was such an honor and thrill to be invited to participate in this 10 author, 8 book set that takes place at Maren Smith's popular BDSM castle.  All eight books revolve around the same plot- a unique twist on boxsets and quite the challenge for us to coordinate. 

I hope you enjoy these excerpts from both books and take a moment to check out both titles-you won't be disappointed!


Blurb - His To Master and Own:
The first time Sean Bates saw Alessa Alexander at a BDSM club without one of her friends attending with her, he didn’t approach her or interfere, deeming it was none of his business.  The second time, his protective, dominate instincts forced him to confront her, and then offer his professional counseling for her needs.
Alessa’s desire to turn herself over to a man’s full control kept her from believing she’d ever enjoy a long-term relationship like her friends recently committed to.  When she gets up the nerve to ask Sean Bates to tutor her in her unorthodox fantasies, the first scene he devises leaves her aching for more of his strict control, but worried about keeping her feelings uninvolved.
Past heartbreaks kept Sean and Alessa leery of hoping for too much from their agreed upon temporary relationship.  Between escalating problems with an ex at work and her insecurities, Alessa runs from Sean before she ends up hurt.
But it doesn’t take her long to realize how much she wants him and his strict discipline, enough to risk the height of humiliation to earn his forgiveness.

Her response to his control was everything she hoped, and feared it would be.

Sean couldn’t recall another woman who looked as beautiful when in the throes of an orgasm as Alessa.  Her red streaked hair dampened on the ends, her body bowed and jerked in the restraints, glistening with a moist sheen as she rode the dildos with unabashed pleasure.  “Again,” he commanded when her gyrations slowed, and she shook with the dwindling tremors of her release.
He worked the double phallus inside her, upped the vibrations by twisting the small knob on the base again, and pressed the larger one harder against her swollen, reddened clit with each return thrust.  The black corset emphasized the paleness of her skin, especially the fleshy mounds of her quivering breasts and her soft thighs above the gartered stockings.  As sexy as she looked, he couldn’t wait to strip her bare the next time, to enjoy access to her whole cushiony body. 
“Oh, God, please,” she pled, her breathless voice zeroing straight down to his balls.  How long had it been since he’d reveled in hearing a woman beg? 
“Please what?” he prodded with another plunge that brought her up higher on her knees.
“I don’t think…aaah! Sean cut off her denial with a painful bite of one nipple then smiled when she pressed her crotch down on the invading objects and came apart again. 
“That’s it, Alessa.  Don’t think, just feel.  One more.”

The new Masters of the Castle boxset, WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM - 10 authors, 8 brand new stories, 1 really, really bad man.
Where will you be when the bomb goes off?

Carlie Simms had wanted her brother’s best friend for as long as she could remember, but Luke Montgomery refused to see her as anyone besides Evan’s little sister.  Now, five years after her brother’s death, she has a chance to move on, away from the home town where she grew up next to Luke, away from the painful memories of losing bother her mother and brother, and away from the one man she couldn’t stop longing for.  Her best friend, upset over Carlie’s announcement she planned to move, finally talked her into one last fling before leaving; a weekend at the local BDSM club, The Castle.  What better way to see if she was as submissive as her dreams led her to believe, to do research for her writing and work Luke out of her system?  The only drawback she could see was Luke was the only man she craved to submit to.
Nothing could’ve surprised Luke more than seeing the girl he’d sworn to protect at the Castle, perched on another Dom’s lap.  Anger and jealousy urged him to intervene then Carlie’s stubbornness forced him to take her on as his sub for the weekend to honor his promise to her brother to keep her safe.  Unfortunately, in his mind, that promise included keeping her safe from his dominate pleasures, as he knew Evan would never approve of the lifestyle for his sister.  To make matters worse, he had only returned to the club to search for an assassin who had set his evil sights on the club owner’s cousin.  Now, he not only had to refrain from making Carlie his in every way while teaching her the art of submission but had to keep her off the assassin’s radar.
Would Carlie’s stubbornness to get everything she could from a weekend spent submitting to Luke prevail, or would Luke’s determination to hold back put both their relationship and her life in jeopardy?  It takes a possible threat followed by a misunderstanding to get Luke to see what’s been right before his eyes all along.
 The only way to keep her safe was to bend her to his will.
Clasping Carlie’s arm, Luke steered her out into the foyer and over to a corner, relieved Marshall agreed to the switch in subs without fuss. “You need to go home,” he insisted without preamble, then winced when her widened eyes narrowed to angry slits behind her glasses. Seeing her here had thrown him for such a loop he couldn’t think straight. He knew a statement like that would yank on her obstinate nature and she’d dig her heels in.
“What? Did you run off Master Jones just so you could tell me to go home?” Her incredulous tone emphasized his mishandling of this and her. That damn stubborn streak of hers rivaled the most contrary jackass.
He kept his voice low so he could use her given name. “Look, Carlie, this is no place for you, not to mention there are things at play I can’t discuss but don’t want you involved in. I promised…”
“I swear, Luke, if you say you promised my brother you’d look after me one more time, I’ll kick you. I am not your little sister or your responsibility,” she snapped, jerking on her arm. He tightened his grip and she stomped her bare foot, emphasizing the pique of annoyance reflected in her voice. “I. Am. Not. Leaving.”
It was his turn to narrow his eyes and let go with the irritation her surprise presence was responsible for. Dressed in that sheer blouse, his first glimpse of her full breasts and pink nipples stirred not only his protective instincts, but his cock, the enticing view confirming what his imagination had been teasing him with. He not only needed to get her out of there for her sake, but for his as well. Suppressing his desire for her had been hard enough the past few years, seeing her in this sex-charged atmosphere only whetted his appetite for the forbidden fruit she represented.
“When you took the tour of the Castle, didn’t you see any scenes taking place, see what your Dom might want to put you through? Think you’d enjoy being tethered naked to a St. Andrew’s cross, tormented with a flogger or cane while others looked on? How about the Sybian? Did you happen to view a sub riding the vibrating dildo attached to that apparatus, maybe while her Master delivered stinging swats on her nipples?”
Carlie’s face paled, then reddened as he spoke, but Luke couldn’t tell if he’d worried her or tweaked her interest even more. “I saw a few scenes, and I’m still here. I’ve researched this stuff, Luke, and I’ve wanted to check this place out for a long time. What’s the big deal? You’ve been a member for years, and I know Evan visited several times.”  
“That’s different,” he growled, his frustration with her stubbornness increasing. His mind urged him to act fast before his body overrode his good intentions. Maybe, instead of outlining what she would be subjected to, he should give her an example of what she was in for, what she’d be expected to submit to, if she stayed. Of course, there was the risk whatever he did would work against him, add to his craving to have her beneath him, to feel all that softness cradling his hard body as he pinned her down with the pummeling thrusts of his cock. But, what choice did he have? He had to get her to leave, to keep her safe from both Carmen and himself. 
“Not even if I do this?” With his eyes on hers, he reached up and lowered the right side of the elastic scooped peasant blouse to just underneath her plump breast. Cupping the soft, underside fullness, he let his gaze wander down while strumming his thumb over the turgid nipple. Watching as it puckered even tighter. His mouth went dry with the urge to nip at that tender tip, to work it with his teeth and lips until it went from pale pink to berry red.
To Luke’s surprise, Carlie leaned into his hand, her voice breathless with her answer. “N… no, not even if you do that.” Her eyes shifted behind him and she blushed when she saw how many people were watching them, but that stubborn streak remained firmly in place.

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