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DETERMINED TO MASTER - For those who haven't read the Virginia Bluebloods series, here's your chance to get all five books for just $6.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited!  Enjoy these snippets from each title and be sure to check out Book Unleashed blog tour and get in on the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

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Blindsided excerpt:

Reaching up, Nate cupped her right breast, the soft fullness a nice handful, the erect nipple jabbing his palm as he kneaded her creamy flesh.  “Makes you more aware of your body as you wonder what the other person thinks.  I love your breasts, Eve.  They’re the perfect size for my hand, so soft here,” he squeezed her plump roundness, “and so hard and responsive here.”  He rolled her nipple between two fingers then gave a taut pull on the small bud until a low moan escaped her lips.  When he released her, she shifted, seeking more.  “Do you tend your own lawn?” he asked her before dipping his head and drawing her nipple into his mouth and suckling with strong pulls, his intention to keep her off guard, unable to think.
“Yes, no, I mean Carl and Mark helped me pick out shrubs and flowers and where to put them.  Ow!”  Eve reached up to rub her nipple to ease the pain from his surprise sharp bite, a pain that sent needles of pleasure straight down to her pussy, but he stopped her with one word.
“No.”  Chuckling, he scooped up some of the sweet whipped topping off the pie.  “Here, this’ll take the sting away.” 
Eve gasped when she felt him coat her nipple and a good portion of her breast with the cool, creamy pie then couldn’t suppress another moan when his lips closed around her tip and he licked it off.  “Oh, God,” she muttered as he feasted off her breast with his mouth and tongue, licking and sucking at her entire breast as if it was the tastiest of desserts.  Wet heat pooled between her legs and her entire body grew warm from arousal.  The setting sun shining through the windows and across her torso added even more warmth until she felt as if she was burning up from the inside out.  The sharp nip of his teeth on her nipple had her gasping and tightening her legs to ease the pulsing ache growing there.
“As much as I relish being likened to a higher deity, sugar, you can just call me Nate,” he teased, scooping up more pie while nibbling on the sensitive curve between her shoulder and neck.  After covering her entire left breast with the sweet, creamy concoction, he dipped his head and took slow licks.  By the time he got to her nipple, she was restless, shifting on his lap, her soft round ass making his cock beg for release.
“I’ll try to remember that.” 
Her soft, breathless voice filled his head as he moved over to her left nipple.  From her low moan, he knew the air felt cool against the tingling he left behind.  “Want to go to my bedroom?”
Nate didn’t reply until he finished tormenting her breast and had every speck of white cream removed and both nipples berry red.  “No, right here will do just fine.  Stand up and get out of those pants.”
Eve stood, slipping both the capris and her panties down her legs and over her bare feet, kicking them aside as she waited with an anxious look for his next directive.  The quickness and ease with which she obeyed told him she was discovering once again how much easier and more pleasurable sex could be when she didn’t have to think about anything, do anything except what he said.

Bind Me To You excerpt:

Dec didn’t know what he would do, how he’d react if she said no.  Thank God he didn’t have to find out because, with a look of relief, she followed him to the elevator without a word.  He couldn’t recall a time when he’d wanted a woman more, not even in his horny college days when women were all he’d thought about.  It’s just pent up frustration from pent up lust he told himself as they exited the elevator and he led her into the first room on the right.  From the way his cock pressed with painful insistence against his zipper, he felt as if he could explode any second.  He knew he would’ve had no qualms about hauling her outside and taking her against the brick side of the warehouse if he had found all the second floor, private rooms taken when he’d stopped on this floor on his way downstairs earlier.
“Strip,” he ordered without preamble, tightening his jaw against the surge of possessive pleasure he experienced eyeing the cuffs he had left on her wrists and ankles.  They were wide, thick and bulky.  He wanted her to know she had them on, know who put them there and accept what they meant as long as she wore them.  Her hands shook as she finished unbuttoning her top, her expressive eyes shifting away from his when she shrugged it and her bra off her shoulders.  Holding out his hand, he took them, saying, “Now the skirt.”
Camille kept quiet, afraid if she said anything it would be the wrong thing and he’d send her away.  With her palms sliding flat against her waist, she lowered the skirt, taking her panties the rest of the way down with it, conscious of the heavy feel of the cuffs.  They were bulky and cumbersome around her wrists and ankles, but strangely comforting in a weird, somewhat sexual way.  She assumed he would remove them when he finished with her, and she’d been both relieved and pleased he wasn’t ready to end the night just yet.  She had difficulty swallowing around the lump of vulnerability stuck in her throat when she stood naked before him, but as his gaze took a slow slide down her body, hot enough to inflame her smoldering arousal, her body responded with its usual fever. 
Surrender To Me excerpt:
He opened the door without knocking to see her scrubbing her hands with frantic motions, steam billowing from the faucet, the look of sheer panic on her face irritating him even more.  “What the hell are you doing?  Stop that.”  Turning off the hot water, he jerked her reddened hands under the cold faucet, removing the loosened band aids she had wrapped around three puffy fingers.  “What’s gotten into you?” he snapped.
Shea couldn’t believe how fast it all came back to her, the humiliation of leaving the Zimmerman’s, the fear of rejection.  She’d known she couldn’t keep telling Fin no on one hand and yes on the other without consequences, she just hadn’t known how much she wanted to stay, here, with him.  Instant panic had consumed her mind when she noted his irritation as he stared at her grease stained clothes and hands, the look on his face similar to Mrs. Zimmerman’s when she had walked into the bathroom and seen the smudge of grease she had left on a towel despite her efforts to clean herself up.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get it all off,” she tried assuring him as she struggled to pull her hands from his.  “I promise I won’t get anything dirty.”
“What?  Oh, for God’s sake, Shea.  I don’t give a rat’s ass if you’ve bathed in the damn stuff.”  Turning her around, he leaned into her, his eyes boring into her startled, purple eyes.  “That’s not what I’m pissed about.”
Before she could question him, his mouth covered hers, his lips ruthless as he assaulted her mouth and her senses with a hard, demanding kiss.  The erection he pressed against her mound was just as hard, just as demanding and Shea knew the time had come for her to choose.
“Damn it,” Fin swore as he lifted his mouth from hers and whipped her dirty shirt over her head.  “I’m tired of waiting, tired of your evasive answers to my questions and damn tired of you denying you want this, you want me, as much as I want you.”  Fisting her platinum hair, he jerked her head back and ravaged her mouth again, his other hand ridding her of her bra and lowering her shorts with unerring speed.
“Oh God,” Shea groaned when cool air wafted over bare skin, her nipples beading into pinpoints before his hot mouth closed around one turgid peak.  The strong suction on her sensitive tip shot fire straight down to her pussy, had her arching into his mouth, thrusting against his denim covered cock.  She had no choice but to yield to the searing need which had been building for days.  Coupled with the fear of rejection reverberating in her head, the choice was made for her.
Fin released her nipple with a long pull and a plop, turned to lick over its twin before raising his head to see the undisguised agreeance reflected on her face.  “It’s about fucking time.” 
Blackmailed excerpt:
“Did I mention I insist on being in charge?  Like this.”  He took her mouth again, his assault deep and hard, her response quick and eager.  Slipping his hand under her skirt, he caressed up her smooth thigh until he reached a surprisingly full, soft buttock.  With his mouth glued to hers, he kept her busy with his tongue as he delved inside her panties and lowered them to just below her ass.  Then got her attention with a hard swat on one buttock.
Surprise more than the sudden sting from his slap had Charlotte jerking her head back, the warmth spreading over her cheek matching that covering her face.  “What was that for?” she asked, praying her voice didn’t reveal the shocking pleasure spreading from her tingling butt down to her sheath.
“A little example of what I’ll do if you don’t give me the control I’ll insist on when we get to your room.  Think hard and fast-what the hell is your name?”
She couldn’t help it.  She giggled like a teenager on her first date instead of a grown woman about to have raunchy sex with a complete stranger.  “Charlie,” she told him, liking the sound of her abbreviated name, and liking him, gruff exterior and all.
Pressing the Start button on the elevator panel, he responded with a wry grin tugging the corners of his mouth.  “I’m Wes, and,” he squeezed the buttock he slapped, “if you don’t want those doors to open on your exposed, red ass, I suggest you answer me.  Fast.”
Charlotte could think of only one way to respond to the rough urgency she heard in his voice, the same rough urgency spreading through her, brought on by that stimulating smack and threatening to send her spinning out of control soon.  “Yes, I’m sure.”
Bound By Two excerpt:
After insisting she ride with them, Dale squeezed his big body in next to hers on the front seat of Eli’s maroon Ford Escape.  Dani welcomed the extra heat from the tight press of their larger frames, but not the additional stimulus to her already over charged libido. 
Dale’s lean cheeks creased when he smiled down at her, that enticing dimple she liked so much flashing.  “A little.  Those… things aren’t very comfortable.”  Especially when they rubbed against raw, overly sensitive nerve endings with just the slightest movement.
“Since you’ve been so good, I’ll give you a small treat, a sample of what they can do.”  Reaching into his coat pocket, he pressed the lowest setting on the remote for the vibrators. 
  Tiny vibrations unlike anything she’d felt before started up in her rectum and vagina, sending off sparks of pleasure.  She gasped in surprise, her nipples tightening along with the clamps, putting more pressure on their already hypersensitive tips.  Please,” she whispered, closing her eyes against the desperate plea in her voice.  The small pulses weren’t enough to push her over the edge she’d been teetering on, only enough to torment her further.
“Give her a break, Dale.  We’re almost there.”
Dale heaved an exaggerated sigh and turned off the vibrators.  “You used to be a hard ass.”
“Still am, when the situation warrants it.”
Dani was so responsive he sometimes forgot just how new all this was for her.  From the look on her face when he brought out the bullets, he’d think she had never seen vibrators before.  It boggled his mind thinking that might be the case.  What woman her age hadn’t played around with toys?  More questions as of yet unanswered.

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