Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Welcome to WipItUp Wednesday where you'll get a look at a work in progress or an upcoming new release.  Today I'm sharing a short excerpt from my April 13th release, BOUND TO SUBMIT, book 4 in the Miami Masters series.  As an extra bonus with this release, LOGAN, book 1 in the Murder on Magnolia Island trilogy will be free on Kindle from April 12-16!

Miles Cavenaugh fell for Hope the minute he saw her bruised face and determination to protect a friend and resident at her shelter.  His violent childhood kept him from forming relationships, his fear of losing his temper if he came across someone harming an innocent woman or child made him anti-social and preferring to stick with his close friends for companionship.  But when he hears Hope is at a local BDSM club while there is a serial abuser of submissives making the rounds in Florida, he rushes to ensure she stays safe.
Unable to continue keeping each other at arm’s length, Miles and Hope agree to a short-term affair where he’ll introduce her to the lifestyle she craved until she got her interest out of her system.  But an unknown person is determined that Hope not find the happiness that has eluded her for so long and both Miles and her may have waited too long to come clean with each other about their pasts.  


“You look way too comfortable.”
Hope opened her eyes but didn’t lift her head as she peeked at Miles standing in front of the spa.  Julie’s low moan snagged her attention off his chiseled, hard face.  Jackson, standing next to Miles in front of them, leaned over Julie as Trevor did the same from where he stood along the side, both men opening their mouths to suckle on her nipples.  Oh.  The breathless response to the erotic scene slipped out before she knew it.  She didn’t have time to let it embarrass her because Miles took that moment to reach into the water and spread her thighs apart with a tug that brought her hips closer to a pulsating jet.  The sudden barrage of warm, pounding water against her gaping pussy and exposed clit pulled a startled gasp from Hope’s throat and her hands automatically went between her legs to shield herself from the unexpected eruption of sensation in front of the others.
“Did I say you could touch yourself?” Miles demanded, his brows drawn down in a frown.  “Trevor?”
“Be glad to help.”
Before Hope grasped his meaning, Trevor moved behind her head, reached down and pulled her arms above her, keeping hold of her wrists the same way Miles maintained his grip on her thighs.  Their tight restraint sent a frisson of additional heat surging through her wildly pumping veins, leaving her with no choice but to either say the safe word and end this or succumb to the pleasure sweeping through her system with the whirling force of a twister.
The pulsating jet battered the hot, swirling water against sensitive tissues and nerve endings never before exposed to touch, spiraling Hope’s need to a desperate height that forced her to opt for door number two in her decision.  Her breasts swayed as she struggled against the bombshell of skyrocketing pleasure, her thighs tensing against Miles’ hands, her frustration to free herself drawing yet another wave of pleasure.  Men’s voices echoed in her ear, another aphrodisiac she discovered as her nipples peaked into such tight pinpoints, they ached.  Then Miles’ voice, that growly one she loved so much, penetrated all other emotion and sound and set her free.
“Now, Hope.  Let go.”
Reality faded, replaced with mindless ecstasy.  She lost herself in the throes of pleasure, closing her eyes, shutting out Julie’s exalted cries, and let herself go.  Hope came down from the incredible high by slow degrees, her breathing labored as she tried to regain her focus.  Then long fingers invaded her still spasming sheath and a large hand cupped her right breast.  Her eyes flew open to see Trevor’s sun-browned hand palming the pale, fleshy underside of her breast and Miles staring at her flushed face as he slowly fingered her, the two of them maintaining their taut grip on her wrists and one thigh with their other hands.
Miles’ gaze shifted from her face to her breast.  “Yes or no?”  He pulled those diabolical fingers back with a teasing glide over her clit, the pummeling water aiding in his attempt to bring her to yet another climax.
     Hope didn’t hesitate to answer, laying her head back, looking up at the amused
twinkle in Trevor’s eyes before closing her eyes and whispering, “Yes, please, yes…”

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  1. Holy cow!! Hope is one lucky lady to have so many men pleasuring her all at once. Great snippet, BJ!