Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm sharing a scene on this week's WipItUp Wednesday from book two of my new Miami Masters series, MASTER ME, please. 

In this scene, Dax has just rescued Krista from an abusive Dom and isn't happy with her decision to return to the BDSM lifestyle alone at a new club she knew nothing about. 

This is a mistake.  Dax knew that, but he couldn’t turn from the longing still portrayed on Krista's face or the telltale shiver his threat invoked.  Her eyes didn’t shy away from his as he took the keys and ushered her inside the small cottage home he could easily picture as hers.  He executed a sweeping glance around the large, open living area, liking how the smoky grey, hard-wood floors and pale blue walls lightened the room that was lit with just one corner lamp next to a wicker sofa.  Decorated with much more feminine décor than the house she’d shared with her husband, he could see Krista’s hand in the colorful, shell decorated seat cushions and whimsical knickknacks placed through the room.

“You have a nice view of the canal,” he said, nodding toward the wide sliders letting in a stream of moonlight.  “What made you decide on such a change?”

Shrugging, she took the keys he handed back to her and looked away.  “I’ve always wanted to live along the water.  Dax…”

Forestalling another insistence that she was fine now, he held up his hand.  “Do you have an antibiotic ointment with pain reliever?”

“Yes, in the bathroom, but…”

“I’ll get it.  Show me where then strip and lie on your bed.”  The quick flare of heat in her eyes added fuel to the lust he was working hard to keep at bay.  He was here to see to her needs, and nothing else.  At least reiterating his promise to spank her seemed to have doused her resistance, for the time being anyway.

“This way.” 

She led him down the hall, pointed to the bathroom on the left then walked into the room on the right without looking at him.  Dax searched the medicine cabinet above a dual sink vanity and found a tube of over-the-counter cream that would work to soothe the small cut and welts he’d seen rising.  It still pissed him off how the other man had wielded the cane without a care to the damage that particular instrument could inflict.  He’d used that implement on numerous occasions, but always made sure he tempered the cuts so as not to cause uncalled for damage to the skin.  If harsher pain was the goal, that could still be achieved with lingering effectiveness without breaking the skin, an unforgiveable line not to be crossed in his eyes.      

    Turning from the cabinet, he glanced across the hall in time to see Krista kneel on a queen-size, four-poster bed, before sliding down on her stomach, her legs slightly parted, her head resting on her folded arms.  Waiting for him.  Dax crossed the hall, wondering who, at this moment, held the most power over the other.  The answer didn’t bear delving into right now.
Look for the release of book one in this series,

BOUND AND SAVED, on September 7th!

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  1. Ugh oh. It sounds like Krista is in trouble. Great snippet, BJ!