Thursday, July 13, 2017

“Maybe we could start with something…tamer,” she ventured without backing down.
      “Tamer?  I don’t do tame, baby, which is why you need to stop the come-ons and teasing.  You don’t know what you’re asking for.”

In celebration of Blushing Books acceptance of my new submission, BOUND AND SAVED, I'm sharing a sneak peak at Sandie's discovery she stowed away on a yacht designed for BDSM play.

Sandie strolled around the deck circling the large room she’d hidden in and the enclosed navigation space.  Peeking through the windows, she noted Zachary spared no expense in there either as the two wide leather seats sitting in front of the steering panel looked like furniture you’d relax in while lounging in front of a large screen television.  She made her way to the back of the boat where she’d noticed a small, tucked away bar and lounges.  Her brows dipped in a puzzled frown as she spotted attached, leather cuffs on each of the four short legs on the padded deck furniture.
“Huh,” she mumbled, fingering the soft inside of one cuff.  “So the kink doesn’t stop with spanking.”  Even more curious now about what kind of boat, and man she found herself holed up with for a few days, she wound her way back to the door to the large room.  Casting a quick glance at Zachary’s safety line, she saw it remained lax and a quick peek over the rail proved she could still spot the shadowy shape of his body a few feet down and everything remained good.
Leaving the door open, she stepped inside the cavernous room that dominated the center of the boat’s middle tier.  The two side walls curved toward the top and three large skylights positioned in the arch brought in large swatches of sunlight.  Toeing off her sneakers, she dropped her backpack and sank her bare feet into plush teal carpet as she noticed things in the room she couldn’t see from her hidden position in the closet yesterday.  “Oh, my,” she whispered, walking around two, floor-to-ceiling poles in the center of the room spaced several feet apart.  Restraints at the top and bottom of the poles left little to wonder about their purpose.  A delicate shiver rippled down her spine as she imagined herself bound against one, her face growing warm when she pictured herself naked on it, Zachary standing in front of her with that enigmatic gaze trailing over her bare flesh.
   Sandie had never imagined she would be interested in alternative sexual practices, then again, she never thought she’d be on the run for her life after witnessing a brutal, cold-blooded murder either.  Life had a way of hitting you with the unexpected, and from the way her nipples and sheath were pulsing, there would be no running from this happenstance discovery.
Wondering what else she had missed while crouched in the closet, she took a moment to look out the window, ensuring Zachary’s line still laid relaxed before continuing with her slow tour of the room.  Above the curved sofa, along the back wall, a window afforded a view of the rear deck and lounges.  Anyone who thought they could slip outside for privacy would find out otherwise.  Along the same side wall as the small closet, she spotted three pull levers mounted far apart, about a spot just above her head.  Figuring they opened storage compartments, she moved on, the sight of a chair at the front of the space that resembled something out of a torture chamber had goosebumps popping up along her arms.  Refusing to get any closer to the medieval device, she pivoted and her eyes landed on a contraption in the far corner of the room that drew her over.  The odd arrangement of wide, flexible strips and dangling, cuffed lines was difficult to figure out.  She tried playing with them, holding out the narrow cords and picturing them attached to arms and legs.  The images popping into her head were lewd displays of naked, swinging bodies that once again warmed her from head to toe, her fun zones in between turning the hottest.
“Someone has a vivid imagination.”  Sandie wasn’t sure if her remark referred to her host or herself.  Peeking out the window again, she saw Zachary shrugging out of the air tank, the tight spandex swim top molding to the muscles in his back as he lowered the heavy equipment.  Since he knew she was on board, she didn’t feel any inclination to look away when he pulled the tightly stretched top over his head, revealing a light mat of hair curling over thick pectorals.  Her mouth watered as he slid his hands past ribbed abs to peel the almost knee-length trunks down his legs. 
The term, ‘buns of steel’ came to mind as he bent over to retrieve both swim suit parts before draping them on a deck chair.  She licked her lips as she imagined nipping those firm buttocks and feeling the muscles clenching under her mouth.  Unabashed in his nudity, he stretched his arms over his head then twisted at the waist, long, lean muscles bunching and rippling with his slow movements.
“You make a fucking, lousy tender.”
Zachary’s cool tone coming in through the open window startled Sandie before she smiled.  If he wasn’t as attuned to her as she was to him why the show?

Bound and Saved is the start of a new series featuring seven dominate men who bonded closely as teens at a camp for juvenile delinquents.  Coming from various, difficult childhoods, each will meet his match over the next year.  In book one, millionaire Zachary Allen-Vancuren outfits his new mega yacht with all the BDSM accoutrements he and his friends enjoy and is looking forward to taking the luxury vessel on a solo cruise when he discovers he has an unwanted stowaway.  Sparks fly when Sandie refuses to heed his warnings to stay clear of him and it's not long before she's getting a lesson she never imagined she'd enjoy!  I hope you'll look forward to reading this series as much as I am writing it.

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