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For those of you anxiously awaiting book 3 and the conclusion of my murder mystery erotic trilogy - it'll be out this Friday, June 23rd!  Those of you who don't like cliff-hangar endings and were waiting to start the series until all three were available, be sure to get LOGAN, book 1now while the price is still $2.99.

She desired him for two years, but never imagined the depths he could take her to.  Was it just sex, or would a killer’s threat prove it was much more?

Here's a sneak peak to tide you over until Friday.

Jada Michaels had been lusting after Detective Ryder Lemaster for two years, but failed to get more than a passing nod from him at the police station. Then an opportunity arises to further her career by investigating the murder case of a friend of Ryder’s on the sly. After he tries to dissuade her by making a bet and losing, Jada agrees to let Ryder tutor her in sexual submissiveness in order to attend a private party with all the suspects invited as guests.
Ryder had struggled against his attraction to Jada because he could’ve sworn the IT technician didn’t possess a submissive bone in her sleek, well-toned body. To his astonishment, and hers, she responded without fail to every hard slap and every dominate sexual demand. But after losing his wife to cancer, he swore off relationships and refused to let his need for Jada go any further than their short foray into the investigation. It took seeing another man come on to her and a risk to her life to open his eyes to what had been right before him all along.
As the murderer is revealed and secrets on Magnolia Island unearthed, the Lemaster men and their women have come to grips with the betrayals surrounding them.
DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, and explicit sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

Jada huffed out a breath as she tried to still her pounding heart and the sudden spike of her pulse.  Shaking off the stab of irritation at Ryder’s sudden appearance was easy compared to getting her body’s reaction to seeing him dressed in nothing but a pair of loose sweatpants under control.  Damn the man and her traitorous libido.  A prickle of awareness from eying that wide, sculpted chest, bulging arms and the sexy peek of underarm hair shivered through her despite the sweat rolling down her spine to pool at her lower back.  The light sprinkling of chest hair curling around flat, brown nipples made her mouth water and her nipples pucker as she imagined those springy curls tickling their sensitive peaks.
Cocking her head, Jada regarded Ryder, and his offer, for a full, silent minute, damned him for his patience, then caved to the aching desire to spend time with him.  “Okay, thanks.”  Giving free rein to the built-up frustrations of the past few weeks, she let go on the punching bag, whipping her arms back and forth in rapid succession, all the while, acutely aware of his unwavering, intent gaze. 
“I talked to the lab today.”
Her eyes flew to his, gauging his face as the implication of that simple statement sank in.  “That so?” she puffed, shifting her gaze back to the bag she was abusing. 
“Yep, that’s so.  I understand, Jada, I really do, but don’t get involved.”
Jada paused a moment, her breath coming in pants as she glared at him.  “Why?  It’s not like I have authority to do anything with evidence except follow through with a cursory check.”
“Even that could draw the attention of this perp, and whoever it is already has eyes on Chloe Markham, who’s hooked up with Hunter, and Melanie Barnes, my cousin, Logan’s, girl who overheard a damning conversation a few weeks ago.”
She let loose with another volley of punches, saying, “Did you report that conversation to Combs?”
“Yes.  Melanie wrote down every word and I turned it in.”  Ryder blew out an exaggerated breath.  “He didn’t share that with you, I take it.”
“No.”  Jada followed her short answer with a swift side kick to the bag that shoved Ryder back a step.  His low grunt would’ve amused her if she weren’t so pissed. 
“Hey, don’t take it out on me, I didn’t do it,” he complained with a mock glare.
“No, you just made sure you didn’t get saddled with me when I put in my request for Homicide.”  That still hurt, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that.  “I’m surprised you’d let a simple kiss dictate to you that way,” Jada taunted, some perverse part of her wanting to get under his skin the way he’d always gotten under hers.
Instead of rising to the bait, Ryder tightened his jaw and stepped to move around her, she presumed to walk away like always.  Her frustration bubbled over and, without thinking, she spun and tripped him to the mat by knocking one leg out from under him.  He may have a foot in height and a hundred pounds on her, but she had the agility of her small frame and surprise on her side.
Ryder flipped to his feet, the look in his glittering eyes forcing her to take a step back.  “Now look who’s retreating,” it was his turn to taunt.  “You want to take me on, sweetheart?”  With a curl of his fingers, he beckoned Jada back onto the mat.  “Come on.  Here’s your chance.”
“You want to spar with me, detective?”  Her pulse leaped with excitement at the prospect.  “You’re on.”  She wouldn’t pass up a chance to grapple with that body for anything in the world.
“And if I take you down, you’ll drop any plans of looking into the Baker case on your own.”
“Agreed.  But if I take you down, you agree not to interfere in my unauthorized snooping, and to keep it to yourself,” she countered. 
Oh, he really didn’t like that, Jada mused with inner glee as she approached him.  Then he came at her and it took all her concentration to remain on her two feet.  He was good, but she gave him a workout.  She sidestepped his first attempt to take her down with a lower leg kick, but he managed to get her in a chokehold.  With a twist and turn, she flipped him around, freeing herself but leaving him standing.  Panting, she smiled, enjoying the adrenaline rush of touching his bare skin, feeling those rippling muscles under her hands and his hot breath on her neck, hearing his low laugh then biting curses when she continued to maneuver out of his holds.
Ryder didn’t know when he’d enjoyed a match more, but when he realized he was holding back just to get the chance to feel those soft breasts pressing against him again, those long legs wrapping around his one more time and see that infectious grin that lit up her dark eyes, he cursed his idiocy.  He needed to get out of there, away from her before he did something really stupid, like kiss her again.  Taking a deep breath, he issued a fast spin, took her off balance then wrapped an arm around her waist to take her down.  Pinning her beneath him, he felt the impact of having that compact body bucking under him.  Heat suffused his body and sent blood flowing hotly through his veins.
“Give up.  I won,” he demanded before he lost his fucking mind.  Her sudden stillness should have warned him, as Jada never just gave in.  The grip of her slender hand around his cock sent a sizzling, electric jolt through his unsuspecting senses, turning his semi-erection into a full-blown hard on.  Without conscious thought, he thrust against her hand right before the room suddenly spun as she took advantage of that distracting maneuver and reversed their positions while maintaining her hold. 
Jada squeezed his thick, pulsing flesh through the thin sweats, her grin undoing Ryder almost as much as her touch.  “We’re tied, detective, so I’m trusting you to back off.”
She jumped to her feet, leaving Ryder lying there, bemused and horny as she sauntered out of the gym without looking back.  Damned if the little minx hadn’t just turned the tables on him.  “Fuck me for a frigging fool,” he muttered to the now empty room as he rolled to his feet.  Striding back over to the punching bag, he skipped donning gloves and let loose on the unsuspecting object.  By the time he finished, his knuckles throbbed right along with his cock.  He headed to the showers more worried about Jada’s determination to embroil herself further in this case than in relieving his aches and pains from his losing efforts to deter her from that path.

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