Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I've returned to WipItUp Wednesday with a look at the final installment of my MAGNOLIA ISLAND TRILOGY.  Book three, Ryder's story and the conclusion of the murder mystery, is done and the trilogy has been submitted-finally!  I hope you enjoy this scene of Ryder trying to prove to Jada she doesn't have what it takes to be submissive-of course it backfires on him.

“What are you doing?”  Jada stumbled out the door behind him, her voice laced with exasperation and an underlying thread of excitement.  It was that note that had Ryder crowding her against the brick wall, but it was the flare of desire in her eyes upon coming into full frontal contact with his body that made him snap.
Forgetting she wasn’t for him, Ryder yanked her against him and devoured that mouth that had been driving him crazy since their last kiss, their one and only lip-lock before now.  He inhaled Jada’s startled gasp and felt her jerk of surprise just seconds before she groaned in surrender.  That small, tight body softened and sank against him.  He realized, in a foggy, belated way, it was that very move he had been struggling to forget these many months, a teasing sign of submission he knew couldn’t be true – because it, she didn’t fit into his plans or because he didn’t want to risk his heart again?
A groan rumbled from deep in his chest at Ryder’s own indecisiveness over anything concerning Jada.  Those soft, plump lips clung to his like he remembered, responded with as much enthusiasm as he recalled and she tasted as good as he’d memorized.  Breaking off the kiss, he tried one last time to dissuade her, and hoped this didn’t turn out to be his biggest mistake yet.
“You wanted a chance to prove you could handle what I want when it comes to sex.  We’ll start with this.”  Spinning her around, he placed her palms flat against the wall, then nipped the tender skin of her neck before demanding, “Don’t move.  This,” he rucked up her long skirt, “is just a sample.”  With a hard yank, he ripped her panties off and stuffed them in his back pocket for now.
“Damn it, Ryder, what’re you doing?” Jada hissed as she tried to stifle the decadent shiver of anticipation spreading from her head down to her toes.  Warm, humid air wafted over her bared butt, and if she weren’t so worried about being seen, she suspected she would enjoy the outdoor exposure even more.  “Someone could come out any second, people we both work with.”
“All you have to do is put your hands down and we’ll end this.”  He caressed her quivering buttocks. 
“You mean end my only chance to prove myself.  Forget it, do your worst.”
“Oh, it’s not smart to bait an enraged tiger, sweetheart.  Lucky for you, my worst can’t be performed out here.  But this can.” 
Ryder cracked his palm against her right buttock then squeezed the offending mark before delivering a blistering slap on the left, her small cry echoing down the dark back street making Jada cringe.  The quick flare of heat encompassing her cheeks morphed into the sweetest pulse of pleasure she could ever recall feeling.  Surprise at her reaction to this humiliating experience kept her immobile through the next volley of smacks, held her still as he peppered her cheeks with a variety of slaps ranging from hard to soft to somewhere in between.  The tight squeezes of her abused flesh when he paused the spanking inched up the discomfort throbbing across her backside, yet only served to heighten the pleasure.  She didn’t know if it was the building pain or searing heat encompassing her buttocks feeding her arousal, but as her head swam with the throbbing pleasure between her legs, she cut off the unanswerable questions for now.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be posting the release dates as soon as I have them.  Be sure to check out the rest of this blog hop!

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