Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thank you for joining me on WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY

I'll be working with Stormy Night Publications editing The Lakehouse Secrets this week and am sharing a scene from this upcoming erotic spanking/menage suspense romance-yes, this one has a little bit of everything! 

Alena Malloy is in the small town of Blue Springs, Maine to look for clues to her sister's disappearance.  After checking in at the sheriff's office, she refuses to heed Randy's warnings to not involve herself in his case.  In this scene, Randy has just chastised her with a few swats for spying on the lake house her sister was last seen at.  Her arousal from those swats took her by surprise and she jumps in the lake to cool off.  But not even the cold water worked to lessen the burning need the sheriff ignited then left her with, forcing her to take matters into her own hands.

Reaching into his back pocket, Randy withdrew a small pad, flipped it open, wrote something then ripped the top sheet off and handed it to her.  “Spanking you was fun, but this is my responsibility.  It’s just a written warning.  Next time there’ll be a fine.”  He turned and hopped down to the short slip before swiveling and tossing out one more warning.  “You also won’t get to keep the comfort of your shorts, Red.  We’ll really give the lakers something to gawk at.”  Giving her a mocking, two-finger salute, he sauntered back to his Explorer, leaving Alena gasping in utter discomposure at the sight of a boat idling about a quarter of a mile down the lake, the wide grins splitting two couples faces too easy to see. 
“Oh good Lord,” she muttered in exasperation as she worked through the completely irrational, annoying thrill his parting words and their unknown audience gave her.  Her body had no business tingling in response to that humiliating, painful spanking or her exhibitionism.  She would just ignore it, she vowed, reaching down into her small ice-chest next to her chair and plucking out a cold wine cooler.  Popping the cap, she took a long pull, determined to disregard the ache between her legs as well as the lingering, warm throb of her buttocks that seemed to egg that ache on.  She refused to be a slave to her body’s demands even if she wondered what her response would be to a bare, harder spanking.
By the time she finished her cooler, her chaotic thoughts had settled down but not her body.  Determined to get the upper hand, at least with her hormones, she made a quick decision and dove off the side of the boat into the frigid lake.  An accomplished swimmer, she swam with swift strokes in a back and forth pattern for ten minutes before giving in to the inevitable.  Setting her feet down on the sandy bottom, she shivered as the chest deep water lapped around her but did nothing to ease the heated, pulsing need still clamoring for relief. 
With one hand snaking up under her shirt to flip open the front catch on her bra and knead the soft fullness of her breast and one sliding down her loose shorts to palm the denuded, sensitive flesh of her pussy, she caved to her body’s demands.  Leaning her head back, she closed her eyes and let the sun’s warm rays heat her face and shoulders as her fingers worked to heat the rest of her body. 
She loved to touch herself, so this was no hardship.  What galled her was giving in when she swore she didn’t want to, just needed to for comfort’s sake.  Yeah, that really went against the grain, but it didn’t keep her from rolling her nipple into an even tighter nub or from delving inside her sheath with two fingers to root out her clit.  The slickness of her channel had nothing to do with the water she soaked in and everything to do with an arousal that wouldn’t be denied.
Her soft cry as she thrust her fingers over and over her clit echoed in the small cove.  With her back to the rest of the lake, she didn’t hear any boats zipping by or know if there was anyone else idling or sitting on the opposite shore, but her need had risen to such a state, she flat out didn’t care at this point.  Switching to torment her other nipple, she put more pressure on her thrusts, slowed as she rasped back and forth over her swollen bundle of nerves until she shook more from the building pressure of release than from the cold.
Succumbing to the spiraling fall her fingers led her to, she pinched her nipple and clit at the same time, milking the two pleasure points until the blinding pleasure of her climax exploded throughout her jerking body.
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