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I'm thrilled to have Megan Michaels visiting me today with an excerpt from her new release, Desiring The Forbidden.  I've got my copy and I'm sure you'll be anxious to get yours after reading this hot scene.  And don't forget to check out her next book, His Sassy Girl!

Hi BJ thank you for having me on today with my new book Desiring the Forbidden!  It has been doing very well and I want to thank everyone who has bought a copy!  In addition, Book 2 – His Sassy Girl is out for preorder already too.  I’ll have a link for that as well!!  I have a spanking excerpt for everyone today, I hope you all enjoy it! 


What’s a woman to do when the only thing she really needs is the one person she can never have?

All Sunni Weaver wanted was a decent job, close friends, and a man who’d fulfill her dark, twisted desires. But her sex life was dead and buried, her social life in the deep freeze. At least she had the job part down though. One out of three wasn’t bad. Right?

Just when it seemed that was all life had to offer a smart, strong woman from a small town in Wyoming, fate decided to throw her a curveball. For into her world marched a maddening, irresistible, and devastatingly sexy specimen of masculine perfection. A strict father figure, a fierce lover, the one who’d never let her go. The dream man from her deepest, most fevered of fantasies.

So, why did he have to be her friend’s father?

Cade Johnson couldn’t believe his eyes the moment they’d fixed upon the long blonde hair, curves enough to stop a man’s heart, and the sharp eyes of a woman every bit as sharp as she was beautiful. Resigned to living out the rest of his days as a bachelor, married to his job as a state trooper, and devoted father to one strong-willed daughter, the sight of the female he saw huddling in a chair in his station waiting room had his blood boiling, and his body aching with need.

There was only one problem though: she was twenty years younger than him - and she happened to be his daughter’s childhood friend.

Sunni Weaver may have been the big break his investigation needed, but the very thing that made her valuable was the exact reason her life was in danger. It was up to him to hide her, watch over her, and protect her -- and along the way, show her that submission to his rules and his lusts, bending her will to his own, offered her a freedom she’d never imagined. Whether she was ready for it or not.

A grizzled state trooper and a sassy, defiant young woman two decades his junior was either a match made in heaven -- or one doomed to go down in flames. With her he had a chance to be the man -- and the Daddy Dom -- he’d always been. His brand of loving strictness and firm consequences might be just what the stubborn woman -- and disobedient girl -- needed most in her life. A man who’d love her, and discipline her, and make her his in every way a man could.

Could Cade Johnson be the one who would love the strong, modern woman she was, and cherish the frightened, sweet girl she hid deep inside?

Publisher's Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This (very) steamy contemporary romance contains the following themes: spanking, anal play, humiliation, and explicit sexual situations.
Note - This title does not explore deep elements of age play. There are no sippy cups or coloring books, just a sweet woman who calls her lover Daddy.


He put the phone on mute. “Sweetie, I have to talk about some work things in my office. I’ll only be fifteen to twenty minutes. Okay?”

She nodded.

“No eavesdropping!” He wagged his finger at her before entering the hallway to his office, tapping his belt buckle in warning.

Well, shit just got serious up in here.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Sunni slumped against the couch, feeing defeated. Now that her plan had been foiled for parking herself outside the office door and listening to his conversation, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. She’d just painted her nails, and he’d done her toenails that afternoon. She’d washed all her clothes. She supposed she could just watch the movie they’d put on before the phone call. What she really wanted to do was know what was going on with the arrest.

She knew for a fact that the local news station would be all over the arrest, giving her the information that she desired to know — but the news was still two hours away. Then it occurred to her that the Facebook page for the news station would post something, and community members always put more details in the comment section.

Sunni felt conflicted. If he’d threatened her with the belt for listening, what would he do if she was found on Facebook, especially since he’d warned her about not getting on it? It wouldn’t matter as long as she didn’t comment on the post. She’d lurk, reading the stories. Obviously, he couldn’t be mad at that. Could he? It’d be no different from watching the news, when it came right down to it.

She opened the laptop, signing in to her page at the site, and pulling up the local news station for the most recent story posted.

And there it is! I knew it!

The news posted that two men, Zachary Fent, and Jared Cordaro, had been arrested this evening on Clifford Avenue for drug possession with intent to commit rape. She scrolled down to the comment section.

The neighbors were remarking on the noise, and how many cops were there. Observations were made about too much force, how the DEA had sent an armored vehicle, and that there were four State Trooper cruisers present. Another person commented: Shots were fired. I’m thinking four to five. Not sure if they were shooting at the men or if they were shooting at the cops.

Then, Sara Anne, Sunni’s coworker commented: I work with the bozos, and they deserve everything the police throw at them.

Good for her. Sunni liked her and knew Sara didn’t trust Zack either.

Maria M: My friend, Madison Weaver, had to run for her life so these idiots wouldn’t kill her — and now I don’t know where she is!

“Oh, shit,” Sunni whispered.

She stared at the screen. Why did Maria have to mention her full name! But it was nice to know that her best friend was at least worried about her.

Should I comment back to Maria?

Sunni’s fingers hovering over the keys. She knew Cade would probably blister her ass; he’d been pretty clear about that. She shook her head, admonishing herself to forget it and move on. She scrolled down, reading the rest of the comments. She loved how the community of commenters typically provided more news than the station itself did.

“You want to explain to me why I’m going to use this belt on your bare backside until you’re screaming?” She looked up, slamming the laptop shut. Cade stood with his hand fisting the buckle, the belt doubled over, draping over his hand. He shook it toward her.

“I didn’t do… anything?” It was a feeble response, but she’d never been good at quick thinking.

“Oh, really?” He adjusted his stance, leaning on his hip, the belt now hanging down to the floor.

Sunni shivered at the sight.

“Yep, you need to shiver. If you thought the spanking you received the other day was bad, you have no idea what you’re in for today. So, you didn’t do anything? Explain to me why you’re innocent, and don’t deserve the whipping I have planned.”

“W-well… I was on the laptop.” She swallowed hard.

“I can see that, Madison Anne. What were you doing on the laptop?

“I-I wanted to… you wouldn’t… I went to see what local news stories there were. I was just checking the news.”

There. He’d believe that. And it was true; she did check the news stories. She blew out a breath.

Look calm. Look innocent.

She widened her eyes, blinking at him.

“Let’s cut to the chase here, or I have a feeling we’ll be here all night playing twenty questions. Did you sign into your Facebook account?”




Thanks so much for sharing Megan!


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