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BOUND TO SUBMIT, book 4 in Miami Masters series will be released April 13!  In the meantime, enjoy this teaser in Miles and Hope's story and check back soon for another Saturday Spanks post.  Thank you to all of you who have made this series so successful.  There will be a short delay before Sean's book comes out as I have some deadlines on two other projects I have to meet-thanks for your patience.


Hope Wallace left Atlanta after being betrayed by her family and friends in the worst way. Now, running a homeless shelter in downtown Miami, she was finally doing what she wanted with her life and working at putting the past behind her.  The only thing marring her happiness was the constant desire to explore the BDSM lifestyle her new friends enjoyed so much.  She had tried that once, and it led to disaster and losing everything, but the urges kept pulling at her until she finally succumbed and braved going to a club.

Miles Cavenaugh fell for Hope the minute he saw her bruised face and determination to protect a friend and resident at her shelter.  His violent childhood kept him from forming relationships, his fear of losing his temper if he came across someone harming an innocent woman or child made him anti-social and preferring to stick with his close friends for companionship.  But when he hears Hope is at a local BDSM club while there is a serial abuser of submissives making the rounds in Florida, he rushes to ensure she stays safe.

Unable to continue keeping each other at arm’s length, Miles and Hope agree to a short-term affair where he’ll introduce her to the lifestyle she craved until she got her interest out of her system.  But an unknown person is determined that Hope not find the happiness that has eluded her for so long and both Miles and her may have waited too long to come clean with each other about their pasts.  

Scene-Hope attends a self-defense class at Miles' gym and discovers just how serious he is about her learning to defend herself.

With a hand on her lower back, Miles urged her forward, saying, “Come with me.”  They went through yet another door then into the first door on the right off the small hallway.  Closing the door, he kept his eyes on her as he reached behind him and turned the lock, the click echoing in the otherwise silent room.  After coming from the loud noise of the busy gym, the sudden quiet seemed almost as ominous as his next statement.  “You weren’t paying attention in the class, either during the demo or while you were warming-up.”

“I went through them with Krista,” Hope quickly defended herself.  A part of her liked the fact his attention had been so focused on her, likely the same perverse part responsible for the way her panties dampened from the stern look on his face that matched the cutting edge of his voice.

“Yes, but you were talking instead of keeping your attention on the instructor.  I’d hoped you would take this, and your safety seriously.”  Okay, that rebuke hurt, almost as much as disappointing him bothered her. 

“I run a very busy homeless shelter, Miles.  I can do two things at once.”  He narrowed his eyes at her and it took every ounce of backbone she possessed to remain standing the few feet in front of him when he pushed away from the door and stalked toward her. 

“Can you?  I think I’d like to test that.  Step on the mat.”

Hope backed up to the mat then caught the pugil stick he tossed her.  Remembering the Sensei’s words, she held onto the handles and lifted the heavily padded, tube-shaped defense prop, surprised by the weight.  About three and a half feet long and nine inches in diameter, it resembled a long body pillow she had as a teenager, only firmer.  “Now what?” she asked with a touch of apprehension over what this exercise might involve given how unhappy he appeared to be with her. 

“Now I’ll come at you and you protect yourself with that.”  He nodded to the pugil.  “Use it to deflect my blows.”  He didn’t give her time to think before he moved into her with an arm raised to deliver a karate chop.

Hope automatically lifted her arms to defend herself and his hand hit the tube just as he swung a foot out and toppled her to the mat.  She didn’t know what startled her more, the sudden, jarring impact of landing face up on top of him, the blur of movement when he swept a foot out and tripped her while shifting behind her, or the feel of his cock stiffening under her butt.  “What…”

“So much for being able to do two things at once.”  Sharp teeth sunk into her neck before he pushed her up.  One little nip and her body temperature skyrocketed from pleasant warmth to combustible heat.  Reaching up to rub the small sting, she kept a wary eye on him as he got to his feet.  “That wasn’t fair.  I haven’t learned any moves in class yet.”

“Number one, life isn’t fair, deal with it.  Two, had you been paying better attention to the demonstration, you would have remembered the different way Sensei McCallum showed everyone that an attacker could take you down.  Now, try again.”

He put her through her paces, never giving her time in between to assimilate one move before he showed her another.  She lost count how many times he brought her down, always there to catch her or cushion her fall.  She grew winded as they parried, but every contact with his body, every brush of a hand energized her, kept her going.  The occasional, ‘good job’ or ‘good girl’ he tossed her way produced a warm glow, but she should’ve known this exercise had a dual purpose.

Holding his hand out, Miles helped her up yet again, taking the pugil stick from her and dropping it to the mat as he said, “You caught on quick, Hope, but that doesn’t mean I’ll slide on your punishment.”

Both her buttocks and her pussy clenched at the word ‘punishment’ and a frisson of excitement danced under her skin when her mind took her back to another place, another Dom and her first taste of erotic pain.  “But…” she cast a quick look around the small gym then at the door.  “Here?”

With a low laugh that set off a flutter of butterflies in Hope’s abdomen, Miles spun her around, swiped both feet out from under her with one leg and kept one arm braced around her middle as he lowered her on top of the large padded pole.  “Here, and now,” he whispered in her ear as he adjusted her hips over the pugil, leaving her butt propped up.  “Stay where I put you.”  Swiping a hand over her buttocks, he squeezed one cheek.  “We didn’t discuss a safe word last week because that was fun, I didn’t intend any punishment that time.  For now, we’ll stick with the standard red for stopping everything; green, you’re good to continue and yellow for you’re unsure.”

Hope was familiar with the stoplight cues due to Sandie and Krista sharing a few of their scenes whenever they got together.  With a hard tug, Miles yanked her gi pants down to her thighs followed by her panties.  As her butt became exposed to the cool air-conditioning, and embarrassment over the ignominious position he placed her in gave way to excitement, she prayed she could remember even those simple instructions. 

“Put your arms behind your back and grip your hands together,” Miles instructed as he caressed his palm over the smooth, soft skin of her lush ass.  Propped up on his side next to her, he enjoyed the view of plump, lily-white buttocks elevated for his enjoyment.  “Good girl,” he praised her when she obeyed without question.  “You’ve got a world-class ass, Hope.  I’m envisioning all kinds of things I’d like to do with it.  Tell me about your one experience in a club.”

With one side of her face pressed against the mat, the one eye he could see widened in surprise.  “Why?”

He swatted her ass, hard enough to jiggle the round globe.  “Don’t question my demands.”

Small, white teeth sunk into her plump lower lip before she replied.  “I went to a club with some friends, just out of curiosity.  Accepting a dare, I landed over a Dom’s lap.  That’s all, not much to it.  We left right afterward.”

“Then why did you tell me last week it ended badly?” He caressed the warm, red handprint his smack left behind and watched pleasure dilate her eyes.  That quick, unguarded response was every Dom’s wet dream.  Too bad this was a punishment scene.

“Let’s just say some people found out about it and weren’t happy with my…promiscuous behavior.”  A discomfited look crossed her face before she smoothed out her features.  He sensed there was much more to it than that, but he wasn’t here to delve into her secrets.  Lying on the floor, his face so close to hers and with his hand roaming over her smooth buttocks, he couldn’t miss every flitting expression, even with half her face pressed against the mat.

“You’ll run into those again.  A lot of narrow minded, judgmental people out there.”  Lifting his hand, he delivered a smack on her other cheek, raising an identical red mark.  “I’m not happy about your inattentiveness earlier.”  Another swat, this one covering the middle of her buttocks.  “I’d hoped you would take it, and your safety more serious.”  She tightened her clasped hands as he blistered her ass with a volley of spanks, his eyes staying on her flushed face as he raised a fiery hue and built up heat under his palm.  “Next time you take your safety so lightly, you’ll get a taste of my belt, or maybe I’ll use the new single braided mini-whip I just picked up.”

The blow he landed on one sit spot wrenched a soft gasp from her compressed lips before she surprised him with a small, telltale lift of her hips as he aimed for the other side.   “That’s it,” he murmured in approval.  “Lift that pretty ass for me.”

Throbbing pain pulsed across her backside, but that didn’t stop Hope from doing as he instructed, and as she wanted.  Lifting her butt, she winced at the sharp crack that struck with enough force to shove her hips back down onto the thick, oblong prop.  One thing soon became clear; her response to that other spanking from another man had not been a fluke.  With each slap, her pussy swelled along with her buttocks, adding to the heated moisture building between her legs.  Her elevated hips left her breasts pressed against the mat, her nipples aching for attention she tried to give with subtle, back and forth maneuvers Miles put a stop to with a loud, hard swat.

“Stop that.”  She did, but then he dug his fingers into her sore flesh and pressed his thumb between her cheeks, right up against the sensitive area surrounding her anus.

“Miles,” she groaned in frustration when he glided his thumb down and pressed between her labia.  Hope shuddered from the tiny sparks of pleasure that light touch set off.  Her copious juices eased his way inside her and he unerringly found her clit, the calloused pad of his thumb against the sensitive bundle of tissues turning the sparks into flames. 

“Wet and swollen.  You get off on a little pain.”  He teased her bud with a few flicks of his nail, just enough to urge her toward a climax before dragging his now damp digit back up between her buttocks.

Hope’s automatic reflex was to shift away from the ‘too personal’ touch that surprised her with the pleasure to be had from that taboo part of her body, but his command, “Be still,” snapped out in his hard, implacable voice kept her in place.  “Not a fan of anal play or new to it?” he questioned.

“New to it, so I don’t know…”  She bit her lip as Miles returned his thumb to her pussy, dipped inside and teased her clit again.  “Miles, please.”  The desperate note behind her plea would have embarrassed Hope if he didn’t have her in such an acute state of need.

“I like hearing you beg, but have you forgotten this is a punishment?”  She peered up into his black gaze and knew she’d be taking her frustration home with her.  His eyes never left her face as he again trailed his wet thumb back up to her anus, this time pushing past the tight rim to barely penetrate her virgin orifice. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Welcome to another week of SATURDAYSPANKS.  The latest installment in my Miami Masters series is MASTERING HER FEAR, book 3.  The snippet I'm sharing today is of Jackson about to show Julie another way to cope with her nightmares other than cutting herself.

My 8-sentence snippet:

His relief was short-lived when he released her wrist and Julie went right back to scratching at her arm. “The hell with this,” he muttered. He knew a better way to deliver the pain she seemed to need for whatever reason. One that wouldn’t cause her any real harm—except maybe to her pride. Drawing her to her feet, he figured that would be a small price to pay to keep her safe from herself and give her what she needed.
Drawing her over to a small stool, he sat down and looked up into Julie’s desperate, confused face. “I refuse to stand by and watch you harm yourself.” With a yank, he brought her over his lap and before she could grasp his intent, jerked her shorts and panties down to mid-thigh.

Julie Martin pulled on Jackson Davenport’s protective urges the minute he stepped outside and saw his five-year-old neighbor go flying off her swing to land in a heap of gangly arms and legs then come up smiling. When he discovered how her parents pressed her into competing in beauty pageants for their own selfish gratification, he took it upon himself to provide her with the friendship the little girl craved. Years later, just when his adult feelings – and body – began to desire more from the beautiful young woman she’d grown up to be, Julie moved away to take the modeling world by storm. Jackson’s first encounter with the changes in her broke his heart and he severed all ties with her.
Six years after Julie lost the most important person in her life, she returns to Jackson a broken woman, unable to cope with the nightmare that changed her life forever. When Jackson discovers her penchant for cutting herself to deal with the fear, he shows her a new side of him she’s never seen before, and a new way to get through the darkness that continues to plague her.
Even though Julie embraces Jackson’s dominant sexuality and the way his painful administrations work much better at calming her fears, the truth of what happened the night her two friends were murdered stands between them. Will she be able to set aside her guilt to tell him the entire truth, or will she once again lose the only person who can complete her?
Follow the list and check out the other snippets on this week's blog hop!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Three weeks of dealing with this upper respiratory flu going around has put me behind, but thank you to all who have shown such interest in my Miami Masters series!  Book 3, MASTERING HER FEAR, is out and being met with awesome reviews-16/18 five star reviews on Amazon already.

I'm almost done with book 4, Miles and Hope's story.  Once I'm caught up, I'll post an excerpt from it, hopefully along with the release date!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

With book 3 in my Miami Masters series, MASTERING HER FEAR, slated to be released January 12th and book 1, BOUND AND SAVED, now in paperback, there's a lot to celebrate!  How about an excerpt from MASTERING HER FEAR?

Julie Martin pulled on Jackson Davenport’s protective urges the minute he stepped outside and saw his five-year-old neighbor go flying off her swing to land in a heap of gangly arms and legs then come up smiling.  When he discovered how her parents pressed her into competing in beauty pageants for their own selfish gratification, he took it upon himself to provide her with the friendship the little girl craved.  Years later, just when his adult feelings, and body, began to crave more from the beautiful young woman she grew up to be, Julie moved away to take the modeling world by storm.  Jackson’s first encounter with the changes in her broke his heart and he severed all ties with her.
Six years after Julie lost the most important person in her life, she returns to Jackson a broken woman, unable to cope with the nightmare that changed her life forever.  When he discovered her penchant for cutting herself to deal with the fear, he showed her a new side of him she’d never seen before, and a new way to get through the darkness that continued to plague her.
Even though Julie embraced Jackson’s dominant sexuality and the way his painful administrations worked much better at calming her fears, the truth of what happened the night her two friends were murdered stood between them.  Would she be able to set aside her guilt to tell him the entire truth, or would she once again lose the only person who could complete her?

Jackson couldn’t decipher what Julie’s grimace meant or why the mention of orgasms would make her muscles tighten, but he could pull the cause from her later.  Today was for demonstrating.  Sliding his hands around to her buttocks, he kneaded the soft flesh, keeping a close eye for her response.  “I enjoyed spanking you the other day.  You did too, which means you’ll like this.”  He released her ass to pick up a multi-strand flogger and trailed the narrow leather strips over her breasts.
“Is that what I think it is?” she questioned with a catch in her voice.
“I don’t read minds, Julie.”
“And I might be green about your sexual preferences, but I know what a flogger is,” she returned, her voice going breathless as he tickled her waist then glided the leather strips up the inside of one leg.  “But I’ve never felt one.”
“This one has twelve strands, long and thin to cover a larger area.  Spread your feet wider and leave them there.”  She complied without hesitation, another positive sign.  Jackson moved to stand at her side, teased the globes of her ass with another slow trail of the braided leather then pulled back to deliver a light snap over both cheeks, just hard enough to leave faint pink stripes behind.  “You good?”
“Yes, yes, I’m fine.”  The rows of tiny stings that stroke elicited drew her nipples into tighter beads and added to the building dampness in her pussy.  Julie bit her lip again, waiting in anticipation for the next strike.  It came fast, this one a little sharper, landing below the first, the extra punch seeping deep inside her and pulling a response she never dreamed possible.  Jackson.
His low, knowing chuckle near her ear vibrated deep inside her.  “Feel, baby, just feel.”  Jackson removed his body warmth off her backside and replaced it with the fiery heat of the next lash.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Welcome to another week of Saturday Spanks!  Today I'm sharing a tidbit from my new release, MASTER ME, PLEASE.  I hope you enjoy this teaser as well as the other posts on this hop.

Blurb followed by my short excerpt:

Krista Matthews thought nothing could be harder than losing her husband and Master to suicide until the man he’d entrusted her care to left her also.  By the time Dr. Dax Hayes returned from an overseas, volunteer medical tour, she thought she was over his deflection and ready to re-immerse herself in the BDSM world she needed and missed so much without his help.  One scene proved how wrong she was and after Master Dax’s timely rescue, she agrees to let him tutor her back into the lifestyle.  She hadn’t counted on her growing feelings for the strict Dom or his refusal to take her over completely, like she craved.
Dr. Dax Hayes fell for Krista Matthews the minute he looked into her blue eyes and saw the sated, content look she shared with her husband, Dr. Kurt Matthews.  He managed to keep his feelings and lust under control until his friend and colleague asked him to join him in gifting Krista with a menage for her birthday.  Knowing it was a mistake, but unable to resist, Dax succumbs to the temptation of this one-time scene, never realizing where it would lead.  A year later, after sealing his fate with a questionable act, he flees on a guilt trip only to return and discover nothing had changed-he still wanted Krista Matthews with an ache that wouldn’t be assuaged by anyone else. 
Unable to resist stepping in when she gets herself in trouble, Dax again gives in to temptation and aids the one woman he can never have back into the lifestyle her submissive nature needed.  When Krista learns the truth, will her feelings be strong enough to forgive him, or did he gamble everything only to lose it all in the end?
DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

 “Call me Dr. Hayes in that snide, sarcastic tone again, and you’ll feel my hand on your ass.”
“Is that so, Dr. Hayes. 
Darting around him, she got as far as the slider before he pinned her against it.  Wrapping his left hand over her throat, he gripped her neck and reached down to rip her panties off.  “Yeah, that’s so.  I’ll give you two seconds to say red or place your palms against the glass.  What’ll it be, Krista?  Am I going or staying?”  He held his breath, feeling the rapid beat of her pulse under his hand, her soft ass cushioning his raging hard-on.  She shuddered against him then he felt the tension flow out of her as she slowly raised her hands and braced them against the door.
Afraid to say anything lest she changed her mind or he came to his senses, he urged her hips out then draped the thigh-length nightshirt over her back before delivering the first swat.
If you haven't read book one, Bound and Saved,
yet, it's on sale for $2.99 through next week!

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I've been so busy working on the Miami Masters series I haven't had time to post anything new! 

Book two, MASTER ME, please, is in editing and still slated for a November 10 release.  I hope to have Jackson's story, MASTERING HER FEAR, wrapped up in a week, but that depends on everyone following my plot and outline-which they usually don't.

In the meantime, here's a teaser from book two, Dax and Krista's story to tide you over-enjoy!

A giggle emerged from her buried face.  “Are you going to charge me for this house call, Doctor?”   
“I should,” he returned with a smile she couldn’t see.  The desire to give her what she’d gone looking for tonight overruled his determination to keep his hands off her.  With her rich, mahogany hair spread out over her upper back, her slender body bared before him and her soft skin under his fingertips, how could he leave without tasting the feast before him?  How could he walk away without replacing her bad experience with a more pleasant one?
“Roll over,” he demanded before common sense returned to remind him why this was a bad idea.  She flipped over, unabashed in her nudity as he looked his fill even though her muscles tensed with the wariness reflected in her eyes.  His actions baffled her as much as they worried him.  “Very good, little one.”
And there it was, the pleasure of knowing she pleased him shone in her bright eyes, a look that had been absent until now.  Her nipples rose up, taut and hard, with the areolas puckered around them, giving away her heightened state of excitement brought on by knowing she’d found favor with him. That look sent a deep, painful jolt straight to his groin.  Setting aside the reasons she wasn’t for him, he shifted over her, kept his eyes leveled on hers as he clasped both wrists in one hand and held her arms above her head.  He could make out the frantic beat of her pulse in her neck and feel the contrasting, soft yielding of her body under him. Her breath hitched as he swooped down on her ‘to die for’ mouth, right before her low, weak moan of surrender slipped into his mouth. 
Krista’s lips were as soft as Dax remembered when they were wrapped around his cock.  She opened under the demanding pressure of his lips and he surged inside the moist recess of her mouth to possess her tongue.  Sucking on the appendage with deep pulls had her shifting under him until he stilled her restless movements with more of his weight and a sharp bite to her lower lip.  A frustrated groan emerged as he lifted his head, the amber glow emitting from the lamp shedding enough light to catch the raw need shimmering in her eyes.  Dax wondered if she realized, as he did, this was the first time he’d kissed her.  It had been difficult, but the night Kurt invited him to join them, her mouth under his had been the one thing he’d avoided, thinking it would save him grief later.  It hadn’t.  After taking another minute to savor her soft lips clinging to his harder mouth, he pulled back again and wrapped her hands around the headboard slats.
“Don’t let go.”

Monday, September 11, 2017





A few weeks after witnessing her stepfather order a cold-blooded murder, Cassandra Bowlin hides aboard a luxury yacht to flee the men after her. Dashing into a closet, she trembles in fear of discovery until the owner enters the room with a woman intent on gaining his sexual favor. The scene she witnesses between the couple leaves her shaken with arousal, making her wonder what all she had been missing from her own sexual encounters.

Zachary Allen-Vancuren returns to his new, BDSM decked out yacht, eager to take her out on a maiden voyage before presenting her to his friends. After putting several miles between him and the mainland, he slips downstairs and finds he’s stuck with a stowaway with secrets she refuses to divulge and a determination to wring as much from his planned four-day excursion as possible. His refusal to engage in any sexual activities is met with her constant, teasing antics until she finally wears him down and he gives her the lesson she thinks she’s been wanting.It took interference from a surprising source and two rescues by Zachary to free her of her stepfather’s threats and enable her to embrace a future with the one man she hadn’t been able to resist.

DISCLAIMER:  This book contains elements of power exchange, elements of BDSM, and explicit sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.



Logan Lemaster drew Melanie Barnes under his protective wing the moment he rescued her from a fall off her bike.  She had been six and he thirteen and his over protectiveness didn’t abate over the next twenty years.  When a good friend ends up murdered on the family’s private island following one of his and his cousins BDSM weekend parties, Melanie insists on being there to comfort Logan.  Only, he hadn’t counted on the grown woman’s tenacious determination to worm her way past his defenses and into his bed.  Having spent the past eight years, since Melanie reached adulthood and made her interest in expanding on their friendship known, he’d refused to jeopardize their special bond by introducing her to his kinky preferences.  But he was only human, and when her grief over an assault on a co-worker sends him to comfort her, his good intentions fall to the wayside under her responsive body.  As he and his cousins plan to hold another BDSM party to feel out their friends for hints about which one had betrayed them in the worst way, he tutors Melanie in his sexual preferences so she can join him.  But as they grow closer, so does the killer, and when her life is threatened, Logan knew he would stop at nothing to protect her and make her his in every way.

DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


After rescuing a woman from the storm-tossed waters surrounding his family island, Hunter Lemaster grows suspicious of Chloe Markham’s motive for being out in the inclement weather.  When his stranded guest exhibits signs of submissiveness and neglected need, her shy demeanor drew on the strict Dom side of him and he couldn’t resist giving her what she so desperately needed.  Taking advantage of her vulnerable state, he used his expertise to question her, but still was unable to get the full truth from her. 

After returning to Charleston from her ill-fated trip to Magnolia Island, Chloe resigns herself to returning to La Rouge, the club her best friend introduced her to, to seek answers to her death.  After getting herself in a bind of her own making, she’s shocked when Hunter Lemaster swoops in to rescue her.  The truth is out about why she had been so close to his island and Hunter agrees to let Chloe accompany him back to Magnolia when his friends return so she can assist in their continued search for a murder.  A threat against Chloe at the end of the weekend proved they were on to something and also convinced Hunter to keep Chloe close, for her safety and his pleasure.

DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


Jada Michaels had been lusting after Detective Ryder Lemaster for two years, but failed to get more than a passing nod from him at the police station.  Then an opportunity arises to further her career by investigating the murder case of a friend of Ryder’s on the sly.  After he tries to dissuade her by making a bet and losing, Jada agrees to let Ryder tutor her in sexual submissiveness in order to attend a private party with all the suspects invited as guests.
Ryder had struggled against his attraction to Jada because he could’ve sworn the IT tech didn’t possess a submissive bone in her sleek, well-toned body.  To his astonishment, and hers, she responded without fail to every hard slap and every dominate sexual demand.  But after losing his wife to cancer, he swore off relationships and refused to let his need for Jada go any further than their short foray into the investigation.  It took seeing another man come on to her and a risk to her life to open his eyes to what had been right before him all along.
As the murderer is revealed and secrets on Magnolia Island unearthed, the Lemaster men and their women are forced to come to grips with the betrayals surrounding them.

DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.