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DISCLAIMER: 18+  The following titles are erotic romances containing scenes of spanking, BDSM, MFM menage, oral and anal sex.  If any of these offend you, please don't buy these books.

SIERRA - "Loved it!  Great and surprising ending to the mystery of Lynn Baker's murder."  5 stars
PETTIGG - "I have been waiting for Ryder and Jada's story.  I knew it was going to be good, and I wasn't disappointed."  5 stars

HOPE W. - "The second story in this murder mystery trilogy is captivating from start to finish."  5 stars
PJB - "I honestly didn't expect book two to be better than the first in this gripping series-but it is!"  5 stars

REDRABBIT - "The first book in this trilogy did not disappoint and kept me on the edges of my seat with the pages turning."  5 stars
SIERRA - "This book has it all.  Mystery, love and hot BDSM sex!  The story has twists and turns and leaves you breathless."  5 stars

REDRABBIT - "The story has many twists and turns, intense moments, erotic scenes and heart-stopping moments."  5 stars
FIREFLY - "Superb writing and storyline."  5 stars
DONNA L. - BJ Wane captured my attention from beginning to end in this page turning mystery drama."  5 stars



BLUSHING BUTTERFLY BOOK REVIEWS - "Oh, wow.  When it comes to contemporary romance with a BDSM twist, Virginia Bluebloods is a favorite series of mine."  5 stars
KNOTTY GIRL REVIEWS - "Can I give more than 5 stars?  BJ Wane has added another amazing book to the Virginia Blueblood series."  5 stars


SUE - "Love, Love, Love this series!" 5 stars
CINDY - "Can't say enough times how wonderful and superb this book is." 5 stars
K. BROWN - "A can't put down book.  I don't give too many books 5 stars, but this one deserved it." 5 stars


 CRYSTAL'S MANY REVIEWERS - "Surrender To Me is an epic read on its own, but this book makes the Virginia Bluebloods series soar to the top of my most cherished series list." 5 stars
 REDRABBITT - "I loved this story and this series with the way BJ Wane weaves a tale."  5 stars


CRYSTAL'S MANY REVEWERS - "I have fallen in love with this author's style, the level of intensity and raw emotions reaches a standard I rarely see in my reading lately." 5 stars
THE ROMANCE REVIEWS - "From the moment I started reading this book, I was pulled in and I couldn't put the book down." 5 stars


NICHOL'S REVIEWS - "Blindsided teaches us that beauty is more than we can see.  Sometimes it's about what we feel." 5 stars
THE ROMANCE REVIEWS - "Blindsided was an exceptional read.  Ms. Wane delivered this story with emotion, heartache and laughter all wrapped up in one story." 5 stars

L&SR - "This was a surprise since I never thought of an Amish and a Dom.  That scenario was a little difficult to imagine, but thanks to the author I could safely say that this was a great book." 5 stars
REDZWORLD REVIEWS - "I loved the sweet nature of this book.  There is plenty of hot sex, but the wonderfully sweet story kept me wanting more."
NICHOL'S REVIEWS - "I really enjoyed this book because it takes a strong author to tie in BDSM with an Amish upbringing.  If you haven't read Wane yet, this one is a must read." 5 stars

MEGAN MICHAELS - "This book is on my list of favorite books and is a 'go-to-book' when I want an itch scratched." 5 stars
REDRABBITT - "I loved this story and the characters and found this to be well written and emotional." 5 stars

 FIREFLY - "I enjoyed this book.  This is a great page turner." 5 stars

THE ROMANCE REVIEWS - "This is a wonderfully written and erotic story of three brothers....Author BJ Wane did an incredible job weaving the three threads into one cohesive story." 4 stars
LASR - "Good reading.  The story is very cleverly written in the way that it tells the love story of three brothers in one book." 4 stars 

LASR - "Finding a new author is like finding buried treasure.  I thought this was an amazing read." 4 stars
TIFFANY - It's been a long time since I got so lost in a book I literally forgot what time it was.  I couldn't put it down.  I didn't want to stop reading about these unique vampires and the women they love." 5 stars

COCKTAILS & BOOKS - "This book is a passionate and emotionally engaging rollercoaster ride from start to finish and one you are not wanting to get off of too soon!" 4 stars

DISCLAIMER FOR THE TITLES LISTED BELOW:  18+  These books are erotica's containing spanking, BDSM, menage, group sex, oral and anal sex and light FF scenes but do end in an HEA for the main characters.  If you find any of these offensive, please don't buy these books.

ROOKLA - "It is rare to find an erotica book that actually tells an intriguing story.  I absolutely loved this book." 5 stars
ICTANGEL - "This one has to be one of my favorites." 5 stars

LASR - "This read was lusty and full of good times...BJ Wane knows how to turn up the heat and light my fire every time!"  4 1/2 stars

THE ROMANCE REVIEWS - "Freeing Kira is one of the most unique and engrossing story lines I have read in a long time while staying on this side of fantasy land." 5 stars
LISA'S HONEST BOOK REVIEWS - "I absolutely loved this book." 5 stars


"Amy's Redemption is one of those multi-layered delights that leaves you breathless with a smile.  This book has everything that I love; a lively heroine who's vulnerable, a strong hero who's putty in her hands, a great story with a mysterious twist, writing with an intoxicating cadence, a last line that made me laugh and hot, spank-tastic sex.  I give this book my highest recommendation."

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