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I just wrote The End on book 4 of Cowboy Doms, SUBMITTING TO THE LAWYER!  I'm thrilled with the way Dan and Nan's story turned out and hope you will be too.   Below is Dan's horse-isn't he beautiful?  Estimated release in late June - now, off to the editor!

ALSO - A special edition paperback featuring both Submitting to the Rancher and Submitting to the Sheriff, books 1 & 2, is now available!


I've also added a new guest post - be sure to check out Alyssa Bailey's new release - FREEING MOLLY - you won't be disappointed!  

Friday, April 12, 2019

Thank you for joining me for another round of SATURDAY SPANKINGS and another new release celebration!  SUBMITTING TO THE COWBOY is book 3 in the Cowboy Doms series but, as with the other titles, it can be read as a standalone read.  I hope you enjoy this teasing snippet.



Tamara Barton had lusted after Connor Dunbar ever since she was old enough to know what those stirrings meant whenever he was near.  Connor’s refusal to see her as anything but the young girl he’d befriended and protected for years soon drives them apart, but not before she catches an up-close, personal glimpse of him exerting the dominant control she’d heard rumors about.

Connor regretted the harsh words he’d spoken to Tamara when he caught her spying on him as much as his lustful response to the look of need reflected on her face.  He’d been looking after the neighbor girl since the moment he saw her falling off her first horse at the age of ten and didn’t plan on stopping now that she was a grown woman who thought she wanted their relationship to go in a different direction.  He knew his sexual proclivities were not for the young, sweet kid he was so fond of, and wouldn’t jeopardize their special bond by giving in to her desires.

But Tamara always had a way of getting what she wanted and when he saw she was serious about becoming a member of the private BDSM club he owned with his brother and best friend, Connor discovered he didn’t want her submitting to anyone but him.  When he learns she’d kept things from him that could have impacted her welfare, would he allow his failure to protect her to drive another wedge between them or finally embrace a life with her at his side as more than just a cherished friend?

This is book three in the Cowboy Doms series but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary western romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, adult themes, power exchange and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

A short snippet:

The sudden impact of Connor’s hand smacking her bottom jarred Tamara into an acute awareness of the minor discomfort, and how it seemed to feed the lust she harbored for him. Another spank followed the first, this one on her opposite cheek, delivered with a touch more force. She jerked, a small whimper escaping at the startling warmth spreading across her backside.

“This is just a taste of what subs are subjected to if they agree to play with a Dom.” Two more swats, each a little harder, jiggled her buttocks and built on the heat now expanding from her butt up between her quaking thighs. “Think long and hard, little one, because trust me, I’m being very,” smack! “very,” smack! “nice.” He ended the teasing torment with an almost casual exploration of her cheeks and then squeezed each throbbing globe, the tight grip emphasizing the ache and stirring her arousal.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Golden Angel is one of my favorite authors and I'm looking forward to reading her new release, CHASING HIS HONEY BADGER.  As you can tell by the title, this is another fantasy tale in her popular Big Bad Bunnies series.  With each book being a standalone read, you can jump right in with this one or start with book one-either way, you'll be glad you dipped your toes into these delightful stories.



Honey Badger Princess Rana Morn has anosmia - she can't smell a thing. And honey badger don't care, except the condition prevents her from ever knowing who her true mate is. With two so-called 'mates' in her past, this shifter strictly guards her heart now. The reward of finding her forever love just isn't worth the risk of more pain.

After years of captivity and relentless experiments, Brice Bunson has no fear. That is, until he meets his mate and realizes she may never know they are a match. But with the help of his eager and nosy siblings, Brice is sure he has what it takes both in determination and charm to eventually claim Rana's heart.

Yet before Brice and Rana can sort out their pairing, The Company mounts a new threat that threatens them all. This battle of the heart will quickly become a battle for everyone's lives.

Big Bad Bunnies Series
1. Chasing His Bunny
2. Chasing His Squirrel
3. Chasing His Puma
4. Chasing His Polar Bear
5. Chasing His Honey Badger

The earnest expression on Brice’s face was adorable, although not nearly as much fun as when he’d first come through the door and looked at her like he wanted to run his tongue over every inch of her exposed body… and like he planned on making sure all of it was exposed.
Still standing in the doorway, Brice looked uncertain—and like he might bolt at any second. Normally that wouldn’t be flattering, but since he had a massive bulge at the front of his pants, lust in his eyes, and she knew that he was trying to stick to the timeline he’d been given, it was actually very flattering. He thought he might have to run away because he couldn’t resist her.
She liked that.
If he ran, her honey badger was definitely ready to run after him.
Brice frowned down at her, starting to look kind of suspicious. “Brady and Brock said waiting till the third date before sex proves that I’m serious about you… is this your way of saying you’re not serious about me? Or is this a test to see if I’m actually serious?”
One thing about the Bunsons, they were very direct, with none of the games people sometimes like to play. It occurred to Rana that she probably could have just asked Brice at any time why he’d stopped kissing her and he would have told her. Noted. Now she knew for next time.
“Brice, you told me I’m you’re mate, passed the honey-badger-honey-pot test, braved breakfast with my cousins, and let my honey badger ride your bunny like a horse—twice. Exactly what makes you think that I wouldn’t think you’re serious?” 
He opened his mouth. Closed his mouth. His forehead wrinkled. Then he gave her a look. “The fact that you’re trying to trick me into sex before the third date?”
That shouldn’t be cute, but it was. She was beginning to realize that was Brice though—confidence, charm, a take-charge attitude, and a big dose of adorable all rolled up together in one irresistible bundle.
Rana stood. He rocked slightly, like he was about to take a step back, but had stopped himself. Her honey badger churred, softly, as if trying to soothe him even though he couldn’t hear it.
“Okay, so sex is off the table,” she said, smiling amiably as she sauntered forward. His eyes dropped to her breasts and then jerked back up to her face. Rana let her gaze fall down to his tightly fitted black t-shirt and the baggy black cargo pants that made up the uniform of all of Steele’s soldiers when they were on duty. It was a sexy look and it looked particularly good on Brice. “What about kissing?”
Brice audibly swallowed as she reached him, coming to a halt a few inches away from him and tilting her head back to look at him with a seductive expression. She parted her lips slightly, as if waiting for his kiss.
“Kissing is fine.”
“What about… touching?” She trailed her fingers over his chest, felt his breath stutter, and ran them down over his stomach, pulling away just before she reached the waistband of his pants. The air seemed to sizzle around them, the tension thick enough to cut, and Brice’s breaths were short and sharp as he struggled with his control. Her own breathing was shallower and faster than normal, she could feel what was inevitably coming, she was just waiting to see how long he could hold out.
“Fuck… Rana…” Strong fingers clamped around her hips, dragging her body against him as his lips descended. She met his kiss eagerly, grabbing at his sides and pulling his t-shirt out from where it was tucked in, opening her mouth for his tongue. He groaned as he practically devoured her, his hands sliding over her bare skin, caressing her like he was trying to touch every inch of her.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Thank you to all of you who have made the first two books in the Cowboy Doms series such a huge success!  I've received many inquiries about Connor's book and I'm happy to announce book 3, SUBMITTING TO THE COWBOY has been accepted and is slated to come out on April 12.  Here's a short tidbit to whet your appetite.

Be sure to pop over to my guest post page and check out the new releases by POPPY FLYNN, FELICITY BRANDON, ROSE ST. ANDREWS, ANITA PHILMAR & KRYSSIE FORTUNE.


Tamara Barton had lusted after Connor Dunbar ever since she was old enough to know what those stirrings meant whenever he was near.  Connor’s refusal to see her as anything but the young girl he’d befriended and protected for years soon drives them apart, but not before she got an up-close, personal glimpse of him exerting the dominant control she’d heard rumors about.

Connor regretted the harsh words he’d spoken to Tamara when he caught her spying on him as much as his lustful response to the look of need reflected on her face.  He’d been looking after the neighboring girl since the moment he saw her falling off her first horse at the age of ten and didn’t plan on stopping now she was a grown woman who thought she wanted their relationship to go in a different direction.  He knew his sexual proclivities were not for the young, sweet kid he was so fond of, and wouldn’t jeopardize their special bond by giving in to her desires.

But Tamara always had a way of getting what she wanted and when he saw she was serious about becoming a member of the private BDSM club he owned with his brother and best friend, Connor discovered he didn’t want her submitting to anyone but him.  When he learned she’d kept things from him that could have impacted her welfare, would he allow his failure to be there for her to drive another wedge between them or finally embrace a life with her at his side as more than just a cherished friend?


Connor followed his friend and now business partner into the parking lot of The Barn with little enthusiasm for socializing.  Working out a deal with Greg on the purchase of several horses for trail rides at his and Devin’s ski resort added to the perk of having Tam back in his life, even if he was unsure about how to define their relationship now.  That one uncertainty had a lot to do with his lack of interest in coming out to the club tonight.  He’d been itching to see her again, just to spend time with her and catch up on everything she’d been doing the past few years but didn’t want to push his luck since their relationship remained tenuous.  She’d always had a way of keeping him tied up in knots, but in the past, he figured those knots were due to the scrapes he’d been around to help her out of.  Now, his only explanation for what was causing them was the uncertainty of where he stood with her.

Greg beat him to the front door and pulled it open, raising a brow in inquiry as he said, “That frown is going to keep the subs at bay.”

“No it won’t.  They like me no matter what my mood is,” he replied with a wry grin as he entered before Greg.  Faint strains of edgy music seeped through the closed doors to the playroom, along with the hum of low voices.  His pulse kicked up a notch as the two of them stepped into the cavernous space and he could now catch the high-pitched cries coming from happily tormented subs.

“Christ, I love this place,” Greg murmured on a deep inhale that lifted his wide shoulders.  “I think I’ll track down my partner and see who’s willing to turn themselves over to the two of us.”

Connor’s grin widened.  Greg and his longtime friend, Devin were new to The Barn but already enjoyed their reputation of preferring ménages.  “Go on,” he encouraged with a nod.  “I want to start with a drink.”

With a slap on Connor’s back, Greg sauntered off and Connor headed toward the bar.  He spotted Caden bar tending and decided to take over for his brother early instead of waiting for his assigned time slot.  He wasn’t in the mood yet to hook up with anyone.  But his intended offer slid to the backburner as his roaming gaze landed on a spanking bench at the back of the room and he went rigid in disbelief.  Slamming to a stunned halt as he reached the bar, he took a moment to confirm it was Tam’s slender, toned body draped over the apparatus, her long black braid hanging over her shoulder and her smooth limbs bound in leather cuffs.

Disbelief morphed into anger, his defense against the kernel of lust that gripped him, just like when he’d caught her spying on him.  Wrong, that’s just plain wrong, he couldn’t help thinking.  Tam, his Tam had no business being in his club.  This was the young girl he’d taught to ride, the teenager he’d given driving lessons to and stood up for against her randy prom date.  The same young woman he had cheered on at jumping competitions and praised for earning a college scholarship.  The echo of her laughter reaching his ears from across the fields as she rode with carefree abandonment resonated in his head.  That innocent, exuberant girl had no business bending over a spanking bench with her tight black skirt hiked up enough to reveal the sweet under curve of her buttocks. 
Connor took two steps forward, intending to lay into both her and Devin and stop them before either could take whatever they were doing one step further, but found his path blocked by his brother’s large frame and scowl.  “Get out of my way,” he snapped, his jaw tightening with frustration.
“Take a deep breath and think, Connor.  She’s here as Nan’s guest and isn’t complaining.  I should know as I’ve been keeping a close eye on her.  Devin is just showing her the ropes.”  Caden’s gaze turned sympathetic.  “She’s not a kid any more.  Didn’t you learn that when she took off?”

Friday, March 1, 2019

SUBMITTING TO THE SHERIFF, Cowboy Doms, book two is out - just in time to share a sexy tidbit with you on SATURDAY SPANKINGS.  Fans of book one, Caden and Sydney's story, will be pleased to know it's Sheriff Grayson's turn for his HEA.  


After overhearing two crooked Chicago cops plotting against her, Avery Pierce goes on the run, not knowing who she can trust. When her low finances force her to take a job as a sex phone operator, she struggles with her inexperience. When a caller senses her desperation and inexperience and offers assistance, she’s tempted to agree.
As soon as Sheriff Grayson Monroe meets the new waitress at his favorite diner, something about her strikes a familiar chord. When he sees her enter The Barn, his BDSM club, the desire to get to the bottom of her evasive eyes and answers to his probing questions takes hold. He’s determined to find out who she really is and what is troubling her.
After an icy mishap, Master Grayson has finally run out of patience. One way or another, Avery will tell him the truth. But is it too late? Has danger already found her? Can Grayson come to her rescue or will she lose everything she has just gained?
Publisher’s Note: This is book two in the Cowboy Doms series but can be read as a standalone. This contemporary western romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of power exchange, adult language, sensual scenes, danger, mystery and suspense. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

The first few slaps did nothing more than tingle and warm her skin, stirring the results of the previous swats. Avery blew out the breath she’d been holding, relaxed and embraced the oddly arousing sensations coming to life with this new experience. She soon forgot about the risk of being seen, her mind centered on his hand connecting with her backside in a steady volley of titillating smacks that warmed her both inside and out. He stopped to rub her pulsating flesh, lulling her into further complacency she should have been leery of. Her sigh of pleasure ended in a gasping lungful of air as he resumed with a harder swat that stung briefly before disappearing. Shifting her hips against the instant burn, she groaned in frustration of a nameless yearning as his leg tightened over hers.
“Lay still,” Master Grayson admonished, delivering another smack hard enough to bounce her buttock.
“I’m trying,” she snapped and then cried out as he showed his displeasure with her tone by administering a smarting blow on the under curve of one cheek. “Sheesh!” Avery wasn’t sure if her startled exclamation stemmed from the blistering pain of that reprimand or the way her copious juices oozed from her empty pussy as a result, her response rattling her. Latching onto his leg for added support, he rocked her body forward with two more butt covering swats, each one a touch harder, turning heat into fire.

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SUBMITTING TO THE SHERIFF comes out in just 10 days!  I've posted another excerpt to whet your appetite.  In the meantime, those who still love their paperbacks as I do will be glad to know THEIRS TO MASTER & CLAIMING MIA are finally out in print-woo hoo!

Don't forget to visit my guest post page.  Recent posts include sneak peak's at new titles by Sierra Brave, Alyssa Bailey, PK Corey & Ashe Barker.

Paperback buy links:


The flashing outline of the neon red motel sign bled through the curtained window, shedding an eerie glow into the darkened room and distracting Avery Pierce from glaring at the cell phone she’d tossed onto the bed beside her. Propped against the headboard, she tightened her clasped hands, trying not to panic over her current destitute circumstances, which had just worsened after her first attempt at this new job ended in such a failed, embarrassing fiasco. With a mental headshake, she wondered why she’d ever thought she could pull this off. Relax, would you? You’re so fucking uptight you’re as rigid as a fucking virgin. She could still recall Darren’s comments the first time they’d had sex, and how they’d made her feel inept and unappealing, the same as her first caller had just made her feel.  
A phone sex operator. What the heck had she been thinking? Her lack of experience with both sex and men in general had been glaringly obvious to her ex as well as to the man who hung up on her after less than a minute. At that rate, the extraordinary high hourly pay she’d been promised would take weeks to earn instead of the day or two she’d been hoping for. Heck, she bemoaned on a sigh, if her next caller ended their conversation that fast, she might not get a third chance, and then how would she get out of Springfield and continue with putting as much distance as possible between herself and Darren?
Avery’s minimal college dating experiences had taught her most guys didn’t go for brainy geeks with mousy brown hair best left worn in a braid and wearing black-framed glasses, and those who did didn’t stick around. By the time she’d reached the age of twenty-nine, the only man she’d let herself trust after those depressing break-ups had been Detective Darren Lancaster, and her chest tightened against the instant up kick of her heartrate just thinking about him caused.
The phone pealed again and she jumped, her palm growing clammy as she picked it up. With less than a hundred dollars left of her meager savings and not knowing who she could trust, she needed enough cash to get out of Illinois altogether. Two weeks and the two hundred miles she’d put between her and Chicago and the corrupt cop who had played her for a fool wasn’t nearly enough. As sleazy as this job was, it was the only thing she’d found that would pay in cash and that she could do quickly without having to fill out traceable paperwork. Between being an avid connoisseur of suspense novels and working at the police department, she at least knew of a few things to do, and not to do, to stay hidden for as long as possible. She also knew nothing was failsafe or could last forever.
Taking a deep breath, Avery followed a tip Esmerelda passed on when she hired her and draped the thin scarf intended to disguise her voice as huskier than it really was over the phone given to her by the agency. Pressing the green button, she answered, praying she could do a better job keeping this person on the line longer than she had with her first attempt at seducing a stranger over the phone.
“Midnight Whispers. How can I pl… please you?” Avery winced at her stutter, those words tripping her up the same as with the first call. She chilled at the slight pause, but when the voice finally came through, the deep, amused rumble sent an unexpected wave of warmth through her.
“Excuse me, sugar. I must have dialed wrong.”
“Wait!” Panic and desperation turned her voice reed thin as she tried to stop him from hanging up. “Please, can you just… talk to me for a minute?” How stupid, she moaned, knocking her head against the headboard. At the price per minute they would charge him why would he stay on the line? He paused again and then asked her a question that threw her for a loop with his astuteness.
“You in some kind of trouble, sugar?”
“I… why do you ask that?” Was the man a mind reader?
“Let’s say I’m good at listening to women, hearing what they need without them saying so. It can help to talk, even to a stranger,” he offered, surprising her yet again.
Not in this case. If only she could. Confiding in someone, anyone would be such a relief. But telling anyone how Darren had used her and ensured she would fall under suspicion should his evidence stealing ever be discovered was not an option, at least not until she could find a way to keep her name clear.
“N… no, there’s nothing I need to… talk about.” She sighed in despondency. “I… I’m just desperate for money,” she admitted. Why not? At least that much was true, and at this point she had nothing to lose by revealing that personal tidbit to a stranger. Damn it, there he went with another pregnant pause, leaving her struggling to swallow past the lump of dread lodged in her throat as she waited for the buzz of a disconnected call to ring in her ear.
“And this was your only option?” Doubt colored the rich tenor of his voice before turning to one of regret. “I’m sorry. I’ll let you get back to work then.”
“Wait!” she gasped again, not believing she was about to do this. Given how nice he’d been so far, what could it hurt? It wasn’t like they would ever meet. And what other choice did she have? “Would you mind giving me… some pointers? You know, on what I could say that might…” Avery winced, gripped the phone tighter and rushed to say, “make you want to keep talking to me?”
Amusement crept back into his voice as he returned in a dry tone, “You really are desperate and out of your depth, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” she breathed. There was no point in denying the obvious.
“I’m much better at telling and showing women what they want, what turns them on. Let’s go with that and then you can turn it around for your next caller. Are you somewhere private?”
He wanted to turn her on? Good luck with that. Her responses to sex had always been lukewarm, at best, and ever since discovering Darren’s shocking betrayal, the thought of any kind of intimacy left her cold. But Avery was so thrilled with his willingness to stay on the line, she didn’t hesitate to go along with him. What he didn’t know about her couldn’t hurt either of them. “I’m alone, at my place.” She fudged the location but figured the motel room where she’d stayed holed up for the last twelve days was her place as long as she paid the rate.
“Good. One thing,” he cautioned with a hard edge to his voice that drew a shiver. “I insist on honesty. Deal?”
“Deal,” she readily agreed, deciding it wouldn’t be her fault if he failed to get anywhere with her. The closest she’d come to relaxing enough to let go with a pleasurable release were the times Darren’s frustration with her in the bedroom had brought out his take-charge attitude. His succinct ‘flip over’ or ‘ride me’ commands had enabled her to shove aside worries over whether she was pleasing him or doing something he didn’t like. Those few times always left her wondering if her orgasm would have been stronger if his focus hadn’t then switched to himself and his pleasure.
“Then we’ll start with something simple. Tell me what you’re wearing.”

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Welcome to another titillating week of
share the news of the boxset release of my MURDER ON MAGNOLIA ISLAND TRILOGY that gives those who haven't dipped their toes into this erotic thriller a chance to get all three titles for the price of one.  With this boxset, you won't have to wait for the next release to get more clues and read more sexy scenes between these dominant cousins and the determined women who enter their lives while they're trying to discover which of their friends is responsible for the murder of a young woman during one of their weekend, island BDSM parties.   

I hope you enjoy this short scene between Hunter and Chloe, as well as the rest of this week's blog hop.



 She made an enticing picture with her hose and garters showcasing that world class ass, Hunter reflected.  “Haven’t you learned by now I’m not nice?”  With her pussy lips already damp and swollen, he would be hard pressed himself to hold back.  Reaching into his bag again, he pulled out a short but wide leather spanker, one of his favorite implements.

“You should’ve told me the truth about your intended visit to Magnolia two weeks ago.”  He snapped the strap across her ass, leaving a bright red slash in its wake.  “You definitely shouldn’t have been out on the water with the threat of severe weather.”  That infraction deserved two rapid slashes.  Other than the slight jerking of her body with each stroke, she remained quiet.  “Then you went and got yourself in more trouble by agreeing to a position you knew your bad knee couldn’t handle.  That error was your most egregious mistake.”  He delivered a succession of blows over her buttocks, the snapping leather turning her white skin rosy red.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

I am thrilled with the reception of SUBMITTING TO THE RANCHER!  This title has smashed through my previous lowest ranking by a wide margin and is amassing wonderful comments from readers.

"I loved this book!  the chemistry between Sydney and Caden is great."  Marybeth, Amazon review

"This was an amazing story.  I didn't want it to end.  This is the first story I have read by this author and I can't wait to read more."  Ellen Shannon, Amazon review

"Funny antics and erotic it!"  Hope W., Amazon review

The most common response I've gotten is, 'When will book 2 be out?'  I'm happy to say SUBMITTING TO THE SHERIFF has been accepted and will be released the end of February.  This title is a full length novel and picks up with Sheriff Grayson Monroe's story.

And there's more exciting news - the MURDER ON MAGNOLIA ISLAND trilogy will be coming out on January 31 in a complete series boxset!  If you enjoy a good 'who done it' along with three hot cousins who have a penchant for BDSM, you won't want to miss dipping your toes into this erotic mystery.

Friday, January 4, 2019

It's a new year, a new week to indulge in more Saturday spankings and time to celebrate a new release!  SUBMITTING TO THE RANCHER launches my new series, Cowboy Doms, and at a low introductory price of $.99, how can you resist?  


Sydney Greenbriar finds more than she bargained for when she gets lost on her way to report for a new job and finds herself at a BDSM club. Peering in through the window, her attention, and libido are both snagged by one man delivering some old-fashioned discipline to a young blonde. After he runs her off, both are surprised to discover she is the new cook he’d hired for his ranch.
Caden MacGregor wanted to turn away the cheeky woman he’d caught spying on his club without remorse, but desperation for a cook forced his hand. Sydney proved to be a definite asset to his employees, and a royal pain in his butt. Somehow, her penchant for getting lost and landing in trouble, along with her determination to return to the club as a guest, soon slid past his resistance.
It took a threat to Sydney and unearthing the truth about what made her flee her home in Missouri to force them to admit their feelings and get her to stay as more than his cook.
Publisher’s Note: This contemporary western romance is intended for adults only and contains themes of mystery, suspense, power exchange, ménage and adult themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.
My spanking snippet:

The cheeky grin Sydney flipped Caden shouldn’t have surprised him, or her easy compliance when she turned her head back down and waited for his retribution. Had she kicked and screamed for him to let her go, he would’ve done so, but when had the girl reacted as he thought she should? Knowing it was a mistake and may very well end up crossing a line he couldn’t cross back over, he swatted her right buttock, the red imprint he left behind showing with vivid brightness against her lily-white skin. The terror that sent him speeding down to the corral wouldn’t abate, his mind still reeling from all the injuries she could’ve sustained with that foolhardy stunt. He spanked her other cheek and enjoyed the bounce of the soft globe and her shifting hips way too much. “Had enough?” he asked, rubbing his hand over the warm, smooth flesh.
“Would you stop if we were at The Barn and I was your sub?” she returned with a slight catch in her voice.
“Hell, no.” He refused to lie even if doing so would be in his best interest.
“Then pretend I am and don’t stop… please.
He sighed, her whispered plea sealing both their fate. “Remember, I warned you to be careful about what you ask for.” Caden proceeded to give her what she thought she wanted ever since he’d caught her spying and caved to what he’d been itching to do.
With a volley of sharp smacks, he peppered Sydney’s ass until the pink tinge turned a deep red, her warm skin grew hot and her quiet mewls erupted into louder cries. She shifted with a moan when he stopped to rub the abused mounds. After soothing the sting, he gave her time to adjust to the soreness by palming the plump curve of one crimson cheek.  She had a perfect shaped ass with soft, malleable buttocks that had clenched with each spank then softened as she adjusted to the pain. Then she shifted again, lifting into his hand, and he barely heard another whispered entreaty of ‘please’ that drew his eyes to her glistening seam. “You continue to surprise me, darlin’.”
Sydney whipped her face around, shaking her hair out of her drenched eyes. “Does that mean…”
Caden squeezed her buttock and drew a yelp from her by delivering a final, blistering swat. “You’re new to this and don’t realize how sore you’ll be. Sit up.” Her face mirrored the color of her ass, but it was the blatant need reflected in her dilated eyes that tempted him to change the tone of this lesson and reward her, and that would not do. His actions were meant as a deterrent, not a pleasurable interlude. “Next time you disobey a rule, you’ll get a taste of my belt.” Ignoring the desire to sink his fingers between those enticing, plump, damp folds, he stood her up and pulled up her panties and jeans. Standing, he lowered his Stetson and headed to the door, saying without looking back, “I have work to do.”
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