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Welcome to my new blog!  To introduce you to my books, I'm sharing an excerpt from THE MCGILLEY TRILOGY, a reader favorite!

"A wonderfully written and erotic story of three brothers, each one dealing with a ghost from their past.  Although this is one book, it is written in three parts, one for each brother then seamlessly blended.  Author BJ Wane did an incredible job weaving the three threads into one cohesive story."

"The story is very cleverly written in the way that it tells the love story of  three brothers in a single book.  All three of these couples are so different but their chemistry is hot and spicy.  Readers who enjoy a little more hardcore erotic romance should definitely give The McGilley Trilogy a read."

"This was a good book.  I had trouble putting it down.  It had a fast, steady pace and was well written.  The brothers were definitely a force to be reckoned with.  I liked that the story was divided into three parts and each brother got a chance to tell his story.  The women definitely complemented each brother.  I'm glad that they didn't give up.  I would recommend this book to everybody."

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from the trilogy.  I love hearing from readers.  You can leave a comment below or email me at

     Brett, his fingers still buried in Carly’s spasming sheath, glanced towards the window and saw a small familiar face pressed to the glass, blue eyes wide with shock, pretty white teeth biting into her plump lower lip.  “God damn it,” he swore for the second time that night.  “That girl needs to be taught a fucking lesson.”
     “I think that’s what she’s been angling for all night, a fucking lesson from you,” Colin drawled as he tried to remember when the last time he had enjoyed seeing his older brother so flustered over a woman was.  Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t recall ever seeing Brett so at odds with a woman who was attracted to him.  Then again, Kayla was younger than the women he hooked up with and definitely not experienced in the way his bedmates usually were.
     “Well, it’s about time she learned she doesn’t get everything she wants.”  Lifting Carly off his lap, he stood, adjusted his pants then leaned down and kissed her thoroughly before saying, “Thanks, sweetheart.  I have to see to something.  If you haven’t hooked up with someone else when I get back, we’ll continue where we’re leaving off.”
     Kayla lost sight of Brett when he moved away to mingle with the other couples and was rising from her crouch to return downstairs when two large, hard hands landed on her shoulders and spun her around.  Gasping, she would have stumbled back if Brett’s hands hadn’t tightened and held her in place.  If the cold look in his eyes and the rigid line of his shadowed jaw was any indication, he was royally pissed.
     “Hi again,” she said weakly, her smile tentative.
     “I’m beginning to think the only way to convince you that I’m not a man you can dally with is to show you.  A lesson in how I deal with little girls who don’t do as they’re told should do the trick.”  Brett shifted his grip to take her hand and pulled her down the stairs into the back yard.  He hoped she’d put up a struggle or argue about following him, his threat enough to send her running back to her friends, but he should have known better.  She was practically skipping behind him, making no effort or offering no excuses to get out of her predicament.
     Excitement and a touch of uncertainty had Kayla’s pulses leaping and her pussy once again creaming.  She was well aware watching people engage in kinky sex and participating in those acts herself were two entirely different things, but she wasn’t about to miss out on this opportunity to feel his hands on her despite that nagging part of her brain that was always telling her to slow down, think before she leapt, that sort of nonsense. 
     But when Brett led her to a circular, redwood seating area around a huge unlit fire pit, sat down and gave her hand a tug as if to pull her over his lap, reality and common sense intruded rudely, making her take a step back to ask cautiously, “Just how mad are you?” even though she was dying to know if an erotic spanking would lead to an awesome climax.
     She wasn’t afraid, but she was being careful, which went a long way in defusing his anger.  He wouldn’t have lifted a hand to her while he was royally pissed, but now that he saw his threat wasn’t making her beg to flee back to the safety of the club, he decided to follow through with it.  Maybe giving her what she asked for would get her to set her sights on someone more suitable for her.
     “Not mad enough to hurt you, but put out enough to show you this isn’t what you want, that I’m not who you want.  Now, bend over or go back to your friends and behave.”
     It was the dictate to behave that got her.  It was time to show him she wasn’t the little girl he kept calling her and was more than enough woman for him and his perverse pleasures.  She hoped.  She didn’t try to suppress her grin when his eyes widened in surprise as she draped herself over his hard thighs, but when he ran his palm slowly up her bare leg, lifting her skirt as he went, she had another moment of doubt.
     Turning her head to look back at him, she said with a touch of uncertainty, “Uh, Brett, we’re out here in the open where anyone can see.”
     “Exactly, sweetheart,” he replied, confident she would balk at being so exposed and vulnerable, especially her first time for such an experience.  At least, he hoped she would because he really didn’t like how badly he wanted to see her ass, how much he wanted to feel her soft, bare flesh under his hand.
     Shoring up her nerve, she snapped, “Fine,” then turned back around and waited with baited breath as he lifted her skirt up to her waist and slowly pulled her bikini panties down to her mid thighs.  Against her will, a moan slid out of her mouth as the vulnerability of her position coupled with the erotic feel of having her buttocks literally on display, bare and available for whatever he wanted to do had her desire escalating.  She couldn’t help but clench her cheeks when he started kneading them, anticipating that first slap. 
     Brett smiled when Kayla shifted her hips and sucked in her breath to keep from moaning again as he continued to fondle her world class ass.  Damn, but the girl was going to be hard to set aside after this little lesson.  He wondered if he would be the one who walked away from this learning a lesson.  Like, don’t play with fire, you might get burned.  She was definitely hot as fire.
     “Lie still,” he snapped, more irritated with himself than with her.  She was anxious, which was okay, but her movements were weakening his resolve to stay detached enough to turn her loose when he finished dealing with her, a resolve he swore he would stick to.
     “Then quit tormenting me,” Kayla groaned as she stifled the urge to rub against his hard thighs until she exploded, relieving the ache his hands had built.  God, she had never imagined her ass could be such an erogenous zone.
     “I haven’t started tormenting you yet, but since you’re so eager for me to do so…”  He lifted his hand and brought it down on her right cheek, smacking her hard enough to have her gasping and leave an enticing bright red imprint on her white flesh, but not hard enough to cause more than a slight sting.  The outdoor lighting did an admirable job of not only working as bug repellents, but of casting enough light around the pit to give him a good look at his handiwork.  Before she had time to recover from the shock of that first slap, he landed another, slightly harder one on her other cheek, leaving a matching red imprint that had his cock pressing uncomfortably against his zipper.
     The pain from that first slap surprised her enough to keep her still, but when it was followed so quickly by the second smack, this pain a little sharper, she shuddered with the impact those small blows had on her aroused senses.  Her pussy swelled and dampened further, and as the sting on her ass waned, leaving behind tingling warmth and escalating arousal, she found herself lifting for the next slap, silently begging for more.

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